Is Kidney Transplant Legal in Turkey?

Turkey ranks number one in the world for kidney transplantations. Every year, more than 15,000 kidney transplants are performed in the country. In fact, 200 patients undergo a kidney transplant every six months in Medicana with a success rate of over 90%. Even children under one-year-old can also get kidney transplants in Turkey from their mothers. However, there are certain laws in Turkey that should be taken into consideration. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Kidney donor under the Law of Turkey

Turkey is known for its rich history in the kidney or renal transplants since 1975. The first living kidney transplant in Turkey was performed in 1975, and the first deceased donor kidney transplant was in 1978 using an organ by Eurotransplant. Since then, Turkey has witnessed many successful kidney transplants. 

According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, for foreign donors, hospitals can only accept living donors. They need to bring proof of their kinship and donor with them. People with active infection, kidney disease, diabetes, or cancer cannot donate a kidney. They (donors and patients) have to submit their official documents to confirm their relationship. They also have to share a bond of at least three to five months. In fact, in some cases, special permission can be granted. For example, if the donor is the spouse, legal proof like photos or a marriage certificate is essential. 

 How to Prepare for Kidney Transplant in Turkey 

To prevent any complications, the patient has to undergo a precise diagnosis by a gynecologist, a urologist, a cardiologist, etc. Besides this, chest x-ray, screening of internal organs, urine and blood tests are also part of diagnosing viral or infectious diseases. Patients who are obese or overweight should lose their extra weight before surgery. To avoid complexities like kidney rejection, it is vital to examine both donor and patient for compatibility. A few tests are perform to help in determining the Rh factor, antigens, antibodies, and blood type. Also, the donor and the patient must fall under the same weight category. To measure the donor’s organ, computed tomography is needed.

The Procedure of Kidney Transplant in Turkey

The procedure of kidney transplant in Turkey involves two teams of specialists in the operating room. They use the laparoscopic method to remove a kidney from the donor. Generally, it takes two days for the donor to get discharge from the hospital. The second team of doctors works on the patient to get his kidney removed. It also prepares the patient for kidney transplantation. The total procedure takes around 3-4 hours to get complete. Kidney removal doesn’t impact the way you live your life. The remaining body still functions appropriately without any hassle. Although donor exchange is legally permitted in Turkey, the paired exchange program is still not active yet and is under preparation. 

Reasons to Choose Turkey for Kidney Transplant

Undoubtedly, Turkey has earned its name in the field of kidney transplantation. The following are some valid reasons to choose the country for renal/kidney transplants. 

  • It has the most preferred cities for kidney transplants, such as Istanbul and Ankara.
  • The survival rate of Turkey is higher than in Africa, the United States, Europe, and Asia. 
  • Zero waiting times for donors and low treatment costs. 
  • Highly experienced medical personnel qualified from top institutes and universities in the world. 
  • Well-equipped transplant centers and hospitals with advanced, the latest technology. Also, the hospital provides comprehensive care to patients during the treatment. 

Cost of Kidney Transplant in Turkey

Although Turkey is not very expensive when it comes to kidney transplantation, it is not very cheap as well. The cost of kidney transplant in Turkey starts from $21000. It depends on various factors such as hospital charges, surgeon experience, state of health, and more. Some popular clinics in Turkey for kidney transplantation are Medicana Hospital, Medical Park, and Liv Istinye. The kidney transplantation costs in these hospitals vary greatly. Medicana Hospital charges $21,000, Liv Istinye charges $18,000, and Medical Park charges $25,000. 

Turkey is becoming a major hub for kidney transplants because of upgraded health infrastructure and skilled medical personnel. The country has been investing in the health sector to boost health tourism and service quality. If you are looking for the best hospitals for kidney transplantation, look no further than Lyfboat. We offer details and information of the best hospitals, along with the pricing structure and the doctor’s details. 

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