Iv hydration Treatment Scottsdale

Our intravenous hydration treatments are injected directly into the bloodstream, allowing cells to quickly access the nutrients they need for instant relief. We use customized treatments for hydration, sports performance, anti-aging, migraine, weight loss, body building, hangover relief, acute mountain sickness and more. Let our qualified physicians design the best IV therapy for your needs.

Truth: Only 8-10% of what is taken orally reaches the cells that need it most. In order for nutrients to reach the cells and function properly, they must be digested. During digestion, the body usually breaks down the nutrients and minerals it can use, and up to 90% is excreted in its entirety by the liver. With intravenous treatment, 100% absorption is achieved with direct infusion into the bloodstream, which provides direct support and helps stabilize the body at its core.

In addition, many people suffer from vitamin deficiencies or are unable to take in their nutrients effectively. This is another scenario where treatment with a mixture may be a better alternative, as it can bypass the absorption process altogether.

Today, people live in a busy world where proper nutrition and balance are not always paramount. So there are many opportunities to take advantage of the nutritional balance of different IV therapies. Read on to learn what each of the methods listed below offers. With IV vitamin therapy, your nutritional balance and health will improve dramatically.

Using a specialized IV vitamin blend called the Myers cocktail, the experts at Xcellr8 Health and Wellness can create a customized vitamin blend in 20 minutes to 1 hour. Our Iv hydration Scottsdale therapy infusion is sure to help you regain performance, strength, detoxify your body and liver, and restore your health with a prescription solution you won’t find at your local supplement store.

This is the next generation of nutrition. Accelerate your health with our extraordinary custom-blended therapeutic IV drinks.

Call today to schedule an IV therapy session. We look forward to helping you feel your best.