ev charging


Nowadays, many people are relying on electric vehicles for commutation as these are cost-friendly and environment-friendly. But these vehicle needs to be charged time and again. You can contact ev charging point manufacturers and consider the below-given tips to buy the right EV charger.

  • Know the needs of your car: This is the first important thing to consider before you get a charger for your electric vehicle. There are different models of electric vehicle chargers available for different car models. You need to figure out the power needs of your car. Usually, the power needs range from 3.5 kW to 22 kW. Similarly, to fulfill different power needs, chargers with different power capacities are available including Level 1 (20-Volt), Level 2 (9240 volts), and DC fast charging (DC Quick Charging). After figuring out the power requirement, check hat type of plugs your car is equipped with- type 1 or type 2 plugs. The charger with a permanently connected cable can be used for the electric car having plug 2. In the case of a car having plug 1, a different charger is used.
  • Whether to choose hardwired or plug-in charger: Electric vehicle chargers are available in two forms- hardwired or plug-in. Hardwired chargers deliver power more than 40-amps to the electric vehicle. These chargers are permanently fixed in the wall once installed and if you want to get them removed then you will need a professional and experienced electrician. Plug-in is the Level 2 chargers and costs less than the hardwired ones. These chargers offer flexibility. You can easily uninstall them without the help of an electrician and move them to another location whenever you want to.
  • Considering the length of cable: Electric vehicle chargers in the market are available with cable lengths as short as 12 feet and as long as 25 feet. When selecting the EV charger, consider the length of the cable you want to have. It can become difficult to charge the vehicle with the charger having a shorter cable length. It should be long enough to reach your car no matter in what position it is parked. Also, do not forget to check if the cable is made up of a bad conductor of electricity or not.
  • Buying Smart or Dumb EV charger: With evolving technologies, now you can also get smart electric vehicle chargers for your automobiles. These chargers are equipped with a digitalized app that allows the owner of the car to perform different functions such as reviewing charging sessions, starting or stopping the charging session, monitoring the time the charger takes to charge your vehicle, setting up reminders when to charge your car, etc. Dumb electric vehicle chargers just perform the function of charging your automobile. Before you buy any of them consider their costs.

Bottom Line

These above-mentioned tips will help you to get the right charger for your electric vehicle. Now that you know the things to consider before buying an EV charger, contact any reputable ev charging companies india and ask them to provide you with the charging station according to your requirements.