life hacks for men

10 useful life hacks for men in choosing a style

The same things on different men may not look the same. And the difference is explaining not so much by the difference in appearance, but by the ways of using its elements in creating your unique style. For this or that life situation to be beneficial, and not become a cause of discomfort, it is enough to adhere to a few simple but effective tips.

Perfect business set

It doesn’t matter whether the work area is connected with active interaction between staff and clients, or with the execution of tasks in a close circle of office colleagues. It should always remember that the view must maintain solidity and composure. The standard professional dress code includes:

  • A neat shirt;
  • Clean shoes
  • Leather belt;
  • Roomy briefcase.

First 5 life hacks:

  1. How to iron a shirt without an iron? Inconvenient circumstances happen just at the most inopportune time and an iron breakdown can be one of them. But not only the temperature press but also moisture is capable of equalizing the folds. It is enough to hang the product in the bathroom over a bucket of hot water. The fumes will pass through the fabric, making its structure even.
  • How to clean shoes without special products? Olive oil will help give your boots a light shine. If they are made of tough, rough skin, you can use regular hand cream. If the image is a compliment by a non-stand solution in the form of sneakers, then the rubber base is quickly clean with toothpaste.
  • We solve the problem with a hole in the belt. If you find yourself in trouble at home, then a good solution is to replace trousers with more elastic ones or change the belt. But if this happened in conditions where it will not work to replace the elements of the wardrobe, a hole punch or a nail with a hammer is ready to come to the rescue. Punched holes below the old ones will fix the pants until the end of the day.
  • Weak snake of trousers. If the zipper constantly unzips spontaneously, then this indicates a poor-quality thing. It won’t completely fix the problem, but you can hide the consequences. Each tongue has a hole through which the keyring will pass completely. Having brought the clasp to the base, the ring should be fastened to the button.
  • We are fighting against pellets. In winter, it is quite popular for men to wear sweaters. If their purchase was limited to the market counter, then there is a high probability of the appearance of a rolling thread. Hand plucking will harm the product rather than help. Better to use the blade. However, the men procedure will become systematic before the holes appear. Therefore, when buying things, it is more practical to pay attention to brand collections.

Details in the image that are useful to know

The following collection of life hacks is devot to the subtleties of image presentation:

  1. Men’s jacket rule: in any suit, it is best to leave at least two buttons button. If the model is of the English type – only the top one.
  2. Tie and its combination: the correct proportions of this accessory are consider to match the width of the lapels of the jacket. You pay special attention to the selection of the pattern of the shirt.
  3. Focus on the look: any man will become more presentable if he wears stylish wide glasses with black or grey frames. This trick is especially useful when you need to demonstrate your importance and attract listeners.
  4. From a dude to a dude: a little nuance that radically changes the attitude towards the look is the sleeve. Full length speaks of the strictness of the owner, his commitment to order. But if you roll up the turns to the elbow, you get a feeling of informality in the image or the makings of creativity.

The tenth bonus life hack would highlight how not to lose a second sock, the most pressing issue for men.

To do this, when buying, it is best to choose the black color with the same pattern. Or, during washing, merge identical pairs into each other.

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