Mining for a Better Future with a Drone: The Use of Drones in the Mining Industry

Drones are getting increased attention day-by-day as they are capable of doing anything from filming a video to carrying ammunition across the borders. As powerful as these miniature helicopters can be, they can be incredibly fragile and prone to danger. Their upkeep and maintenance can be pretty hefty but considering how much time they save and the efficiency they increase, it all sits right eventually. All drones require dedicated software to manage the navigation. This software/app/platform enables the user to see what the drone is seeing first-hand. But that is enjoyable for personal use only; now, what if it is used on a bigger scale? 

The various industries that use drones for their advantages also have a list of requirements. These requirements alter the operating software of the drone to cater to specific needs. Like the Solar industry would have a different use for a drone, then let’s say a mining industry would. This app or software acts as the functioning body of the drone, manoeuvring it at will. The software that is discussed here, especially in this case, is like a drone analytics platform for the mining industry. For the mining industry, a drone can be a very fruitful addition to the team. It will be elaborated well as one follows the article.

The Growing Popularity of Drones

When Abraham Kareem first introduced drones into the world, their purpose was a little different. They were used for aerial target practice, among other things, but now they’ve found their safe place in civilization. It used to be seen as an aerial bomb in the yesteryears, but now even a kid is mesmerized by a drone that is being sold in a toy shop. Not just in our personal lives, it’s very evident that even in the business sphere, a drone has proven to be quite fascinating. Drones are now being used to inspect areas, read the wind patterns, measure boulders and hills, analyse the readings, and as simple as that, click images!

Drones are playing a very special and specific role in the mining industry that has been said to increase their profits ten-fold. Let’s see about that now-

Machines in Place of a Human

Work in the mining industry is highly labour-intensive, and that labour is prone to numerous health hazards. But some systems are involved that ensure the safety of the workers against any hazardous activity or any pilferage from the piles of stock. The mining companies are continuously exploring new technologies to reduce costs, improve productivity while keeping the safety of a worker in consideration. Surveying a mine that used to take time and sometimes lives now is possible through a dedicated drone analytics platform for mine survey

Companies within the mining industry that use drones almost instantly got aware of its benefits the first time they used it. Have you ever wondered if your fingers were a little smaller, you could have fit in some places that now you can’t? It’s the same for the mining industry. There are some nooks and crannies of a mine that can be either impossible or extremely difficult for a human to explore. The inclusion of drones in a mining facility improves the overall efficiency of large mine sites. Drones provide accurate and comprehensive data detailing site conditions in a very short time.

Mining for Gems with a Gem of Modern Civilization

Commercially, drones have been in for quite some time now, aiding several industries. For example, the mining industry has also shown enthusiasm in the matter. In a mine or a quarry, the survey is done now with the help of a drone equipped with down-facing cameras that capture images of an area from different vantage points. With those images, a photogrammetry software can recreate geologically correct 3-dimensional maps and terrain models of the site. This data can then easily be acquired by the mining operators to make a plethora of decisions. Some drone mining software can even generate the industry-specific requirements for a new site, like safety heights, brims, crests, widths, slopes, etc. Beyond this, even the areas in a site that are not pertaining to those standards can also be marked with artificial intelligence in the software. 

It has been proven that with the help of the analytical software of a drone, a site can be mapped or checked for volume at least four times faster than a human’s efficiency. And if one thinks about it, it’s all being done without even stepping foot in the mine!

Given the speed at which things like inventory surveys can now be conducted with drones, the increased frequency of data collection is proving itself to be cost-effective now, something that used to take enough time and money to warrant ignorance. In addition to that, a company can now fly over the drone on the site or the prospective site and get all the necessary information to make a decision or make amends thereof. And ultimately, as they have the ability to run regular data collections, they can also improve inventory and operational management while eliminating the risks that on-site workers and technicians may or may not face. 


Calling drone a “lifesaver” wouldn’t be an understatement for the mining industry, especially now. Some fresh ores can be pretty toxic and unreachable for a human. It’s a convenience to have a drone analytic platform by your side. In mining, drones can be beneficial in a bunch of ways, like-

  • Mine Survey
  • Inventory Management
  • Hot spot detection
  • Mining Exploration
  • Mine Mapping
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Profit Maximization 

The mining industry has to pass all the tests of time to bring out a better future for our world. Any technological advancement that can help that future to happen is welcomed with open hands by the industry and by its users. The introduction of drones has changed and saved countless lives, hope to see it just getting better from here.