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Hire The Mobile Patrol Security Alberta – Harkav Security

These days every big city has the need for the security in some way. The security business has been blooming everywhere all around the world. The conception the people had about the mobile patrol security is also changing as the security industry has many different types of jobs available for employees of all ages. Generally, the mobile patrol security Alberta are require to be at least 18 years of age in Alberta and British Columbia.

The requirement to get a job in the security industry is to have a valid security guard licence like every other province. The requirement for a valid security guard licence was imposed to make sure that the security guards understand the rules and regulations of a security job. Many people have the misconception that the security personnel have to carry fire arms and stand at entrance points to maintain order.

This is not entirely true and the mobile patrol security British Columbia are only allowed to act within the capacity of their assigned jobs. It means that a security officer who is not trained in the use of force is not allowed to touch or physically restrain people. The mobile patrol security has to only deal with the situations that are given to them in the standing orders by their employees while following the local laws and bylaws. Many of the provinces have some extra requirements when issuing the security license to an individual but the basic training manual and knowledge does not change much.

Mobile Patrol Security Alberta Role In The Industry

There are many categories of the security jobs all over the provinces. There are different roles perform by every security person and that role is give to them according to the training they have receive. The training of the security personnel can vary as well. A security guard who has to work in a situation where he might have to deal with the people who break the law, would have very specific job requirements.

These guards either the mobile patrol or the security working on a single site are generally require to be train in the use of force. It means that they have to have the handcuff licence and they should understand the basic hand to hand techniques to handle any potentially dangerous situations. Some security guards in the mobile patrol security also have different licence like the firearm licence and the use of tasers to neutralize any threats that they might come across.

mobile patrol security Alberta

Mobile Patrol Security British Columbia

These security guards are strategically place and position so that they can cover the vast area in a give time. There is no need to position a use of force security in a residential complex but a security guard that can perform everyday duties well and provide excellent customer service to the clients. The mobile patrol security has the general responsibility to patrol a larger area which can include different residential or commercial sites.

These security guards have to travel within the city to patrol the given points and make sure that everything is according to the requirements of the clients. The mobile patrol security has some of their own requirements. Some of the security companies in Alberta and British Columbia require the security guard in the mobile patrol security to have a valid provincial driving licence. It is requirement to make sure that the guard is able to drive the company issued vehicle and they can respond to the emergency situations.

Security Firms And Their Roles

There are many sectors and job opportunities available in the mobile patrol security. The security guard has many options available when applying for a job in this industry. The most common one is to apply in a security company that has many other guards employed in their firm. These companies have taken contracts from the clients that require the services of security guards.

These clients are usually the management of a building or a complex like shopping mall. Some of the retail stores like the clothing stores also hire mobile patrol security Alberta companies to make sure that the customers are not shop lifting. It is always a safe route to apply in a security firm. Because they have a lot of job opportunities as they operate as a company or a corporation.

These companies provide certain benefits to their employees like the insurance and liability coverage. These companies are also register with the local union of labors and security. Which can also provide further support to the security guards. The other sector for a security guard to work in is the private sector. The private sector are the jobs which could be a bit riskier like airport security and museum security. These places are consider sensitive areas and they prefer to have their own private security. Instead of hiring a company to provide mobile patrol security British Columbia for them.

There are less opportunities for the security guards in the private sector and the risk is bigger. The thing that is better in the private security is the fact. That the private security pays better than the security companies. The higher the pay rate the higher the risk is as well. 

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