Have you ever left your car perfectly parked and when you got back. You found yourself with the unpleasant surprise that it had been scratching? Surely you have to ask yourself the million-dollar question: “My car has been scratche, does my insurance cover it?”

Rest assured, you are not the first to have their car scratched nor will you be the last to find scratches on their vehicle. The scope of Auto For Trade to solve this type of inconvenience depends mainly on the coverage. You have contracted, although there are other factors that influence.

Have you identified the author of the scratch?

One of the keys to knowing if the insurance will cover us is to know the origin of the scratch that we have in the car. When it comes to scratches resulting from the activity of some unscrupulous. Who has dedicated himself to scratching the cars that he has found in some areas? It considere vandalism damage so it is possible to claim the insurance as long as our policy includes these damages since this coverage is not available on all policies.

What type of insurance do you have?

If you have the vehicle fully insured, the insurance will normally cover the scratches. Depending on the severity of the problem, they will paint the entire vehicle. The affected part (for example, a car door or the hood) or only the area affected by the scratches. Of course, the insurer will take care of the expenses within the limit establishing in the conditions when you signed the policy.

Most third party insurance does not cover acts of vandalism. In any case, it is always interesting to consult and confirm the coverage. I will have if the car has been scratched directly with the insurer before signing the policy since as we indicate. It depends on each type of insurance and the company.

When the car insurance cover scrapes?

A car insurance policy prepares with different kinds of coverage and each type of agreement has different protection. Whether or not scrapes will be protecte be subject to what causes the harm and which coverage shields you from that harm. If you take a basic car insurance policy, you may not be safe from certain damages. For example, if a tree branch falls on your car and you have complete coverage. Then you will be safe, but if you don’t take complete coverage of the plan then you will have to pay for the maintenances out of pocket.

If you take collision coverage, then and there your car will be protected from harms affected by a collision no matter who was at mistake. So if you triggered a car accident and it caused scratches on your vehicle, then your collision coverage will shield. Your collision insurance, along with uninsured/underinsured driver insurance, can also protect the harm from a crash and run, so if somebody scrapes your car and drives off, or scrapes. Your bumper whereas it parke, the loss may still be protected by insurance.

When the car insurance does not cover scrapes?

If you do not have a complete and collision policy then scrapes may not be covered. Except you experience a car accident and the next individual was caught to be a mistake.

Here are some additional causes why a claim may not be protecte.

  • The scrapes were affect by general deterioration over time.
  • You were careless or acted in an irresponsible way.
  • You performed a violation of your car coverage plan.
  • You delayed excessively extended to register a claim.

Can I claim if my car has been scratched in a private parking lot?

Before continuing, it should be note that by private parking we understand those in which you have to pay for temporary parking. But the parking of our neighborhood community or free parking does not count.

In that case, we can claim our insurance in the same situations that we have just seen, but if my car has been scratched. I cannot claim private parking unless. I am able to identify the culprit of the scratches on the vehicle, something that usually it’s not possible.


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