Physical fitness with 9 programs

A fitness efficient and sustainable to achieve and maintain good physical fitness. Weight as more dependent on exercise intensity monitoring sports program that the training volume. Returning to the sport cannot be done correctly without progressivity. It takes time and a fine dosage in the intensity of the recovery sessions but also the nutrients consumed to hope to continue the sport for a long time with pleasure and without injury.

  • Maintenance and evolution of physical form
  • 9 plans to get back in shape
  • 1 – Program to lose fat and tone up
  • 2 – 100 sports days CHALLENGE
  • 3 – “Upper body” circuit-training for beginners
  • 4 – Knee Injury Recovery Program
  • 5 – Functional training
  • 6 – Start running
  • 7 – Sports program to lose weight
  • 8 – Physical preparation for alpine skiing
  • 9 – Nordic Walking

Maintenance and evolution of physical form

The physical condition must always maintain at a consistent and constant level of intensity. Because it regresses if the activity reduces, irregular or, a fortiori, non-existent. Fitness drops sharply in the 2 weeks after stopping training. This 2-week stop may require 4 weeks to resume activity for a complete recovery. After 12 weeks of complete shutdown, the gains achieved are almost all lost.

To keep your physical shape we currently admit that 3 times 45 minutes of physical activity spread over the week are sufficient. Practicing a sporting activity every day is also possible as long as you do not overtrain. Overtraining characterizes by a sudden lowering of performance without an apparent trigger clearly identified. It results in significant and persistent general fatigue and an inability to reproduce the training loads that usually well support. Comparable to professional burn-out, it actually results from an accumulation of mental and physical constraints. Expresses a sudden motivational breakdown and a total loss of energy. The overload is, of course, one of the major principles of training provide it is progressive in volume and intensity.

To follow a training program properly. It will always be beneficial to first reduce the volume and then possibly the intensity of signs of unusual fatigue such as insomnia, irritability, joint, and muscle pain, or loss of appetite persist. It will also be necessary to look at nutritional intakes and to ask whether. They are up to the level, in quantity and quality, of the energy production required.

Without replacing a healthy and balanced diet, a food supplement will prevent muscle injuries, deficiencies, anemia and abandonment of sport. The basis, however, remains the choice of protein foods and high nutritional content correctly distributed over all meals and snacks of the day.

9 plans to get back in shape

If you want to follow a sports training plan, it is essential to first define your priority objective:

  1. lose fat and tone up ,
  2. lose fat without building muscle ,
  3. regularly practice a maintenance sport, jogging or Nordic walking for example, to be in better health.
  4. Regain good physical shape after a hard immobilization with an injury or illness

You also need to be able to regularly assess your progress through specific sports tests.

1 – Program to lose fat and tone up

This fitness plan offered to a site visitor looking for the best program to lose fat may also be suitable if you are not overweight. But if you want to get back in shape after a prolonged stoppage in practicing running and weight training.

2 – 100 sports days challenge

The 100 Days of Sport Challenge is simple and can significantly improve your physical condition. This sports program for beginners or sedentary people consists of following a daily session of 30 minutes of physical activity for 100 consecutive days.

3 – “Upper body” circuit-training for beginners

The “upper body” circuit-training program for beginners is devoting to the muscles of the upper body. It, therefore, solicits the arms, shoulders, chest, and upper back. It is technically quite easy because the only situation with the head down is the back support stretcher back to the wall. This exercise could possibly replace by oblique stretcher support facing the wall. You can click on the picture for more details.

4 – Sports recovery program after knee injury

The knee hurts often reappears during a sports recovery despite medical care and physical therapy. Too intense or inappropriate exercise is the cause of the pain. A progressive sports program of fitness centered on the refinement of the muscular sensations will make it possible to repeat the sport without sequelae.

5 – Fitness program in functional training

Functional training is essential to ensure the good physical condition of caregivers as well as of all professionals. Who have to handle people or heavy loads. This functional training program will also prevent or relieve back pain.

6 – Sports program to start running

This beginner running training plan intends for people who are sedentary or in average physical condition. It should allow in 8 weeks to run for 50 minutes without stopping and using 4 different speeds of movement.

7 – Sports program to lose weight

To lose weight, diets have a short-term effect. But do not address the main causes of excess fat which are the lack of a sports program to lose weight by burning calories and poor eating behavior.

8 – Nordic Walking

The Nordic Walking Nordic walking or emerges in France. Appears as a halfway alternative without walking stick and running to regain or maintain physical health.

9 – Physical preparation for an alpine ski trip

This preparation for skiing primarily intends for sedentary people or people with very little training. The priority will be given to a fitness close to rehabilitation to movement with movement run at low speed. Sheathing, joint stretching targeted on the joint of the hip, and fine lumbar mobilizations.

Training errors

Good physical condition eliminates the need for flexible exercise or the warm-up period? … True or False? … Some of the most common training mistakes to stop making in order to get back in shape or to keep it.

Food supplements

A dietary supplement taken alone is not enough to regain shape and tone. It can help but be part of a package of diet, exercise, and recovery measures. There is triple planning to establish adapted to the specific state of the person at the time of the beginning of the plan in order to hope to find and improve his physical capacities.

Spirulina: Spirulina is ideal for getting back into physical condition. Because it is an essential food supplement for its iron and protein intake.

Maca from Peru: Maca in sport fights against physical and mental fatigue, sleep and energy disorders, lack of concentration.

Sports tests

To find out your level of physical condition. We offer a cardiac recovery test that will allow you to monitor your ability to recover quickly. Well without necessarily having to reach your maximum heart rate. In the same vein, the Ruffier-Dickson test better known. Among all the sports tests, it is the easiest and fastest way to test physical fitness is to know the cardiac reactions to the effort. During the recovery that follows the test.