Polished concrete London

Is having Polished concrete London worth the money?

Because it looks to be so, the majority of people assume polished concrete floors are expensive. It’s easy to see it in palaces and five-star hotels, and with the exquisite, modern style it lends to any space, it’s no wonder that most people think it’s beyond of reach.

Furthermore, polished concrete is far more affordable than it seems, and a polished concrete floor may save you cost in the long run compared to other flooring alternatives.

When judged in terms of value rather than price, polished concrete comes out on top. Polished concrete in London costs nearly half as much as carpet or epoxy floors throughout a fifteen-year lifespan. If properly maintained, it may easily last twice as long (accessible, once a week light cleaning with a mild cleaner or water).

Polished concrete may have a few minor adverse effects that build up over time. Although climate control is difficult, a polished concrete floor may make it easier and less costly. Even if you don’t go for a radiant hydronic floor, concrete has a large thermal mass and will absorb and transfer heat from the sun throughout the day. It also works the other way, so if you protect your flooring during the day, the concrete will cool overnight, keeping your home cooler during the day.

The following are some of the key benefits of polished concrete floors:

You will learn about the primary advantages of polished concrete flooring after reading this post. This page provides all of the essential information. Continue reading to have a deeper understanding of the topic.

Polished concrete London floors have a timeless appeal:

Polished concrete is virtually hard to beat in terms of looks. That is why it has been the preferred floor for professional architects and interior designers since its debut.

No more peeling linoleum, filthy carpet, or unsightly orange tiles. Polished concrete is a classy and eye-catching alternative that provides a solid basis for the design of your area. Polished concrete is used at Apple stores as well as some of London’s top caf├ęs and restaurants for this reason.

Furthermore, polished concrete floors might increase your home’s market value, which is another factor to consider.

You have the option of selecting a concrete grinding style that is within your budget:

In summary, because of labour and material costs, the cost of Polished concrete London is determined by the quantity of grinding and polishing necessary. (Because skilled architects’ “sandpaper” is made of diamonds, the cost mounts up.) As a result, a light grind will cost less than a tough grind. With a medium effort and polish, you’ll have a great, inconspicuous option. If you’ve gone for anything more complicated, like custom colors or a unique aggregate, you’ll want a more difficult grind to bring out the details.

Furthermore, it is critical to recognize that polished concrete has a wide range of applications. Polished concrete may be tailored not just in terms of look but also in terms of cost. Don’t quit up if you adore the beauty of polished concrete but don’t think you can afford it. You may adjust the scope of your project to fit your budget rapidly.

Mechanically polished concrete floors:

Manually polish concrete is ground and sharpened before applying a chemical hardener that absorbs the concrete and makes it firmer. Professionals also used diamond abrasives to Polished concrete London the surface. Instead of resting on top of a separate module, the sealant absorbs concrete. As a result, polished concrete is significantly more durable than grind and seal concrete.

Furthermore, polishing concrete improves its durability and endurance. As a consequence, it is one of the most durable and robust flooring options available. Polished concrete is very customizable, allowing you to personalize your floor to your demands in addition to its durability and visual appeal. Colours, aggregate exposure, gloss level, and patterns are all factors to consider. As a result, if you can imagine it, polished concrete can make it a reality. However, the cost will vary based on your choices.

Seal & Grind:

The grind and seal technique imitates the look of polished concrete by polishing the concrete to your specified exposure levels and adding polyurethane and water-based sealants. Even though the surface is not physically polished like polished concrete, it has a glossy look. As a result, it is less costly than mechanically polished concrete.

Additionally, while grind and concrete seal floors are more durable than many other flooring solutions, they are also more expensive. They also require more maintenance than polished concrete. Because the sealer rests on top of the concrete, it is more susceptible to wear and tear, necessitating reapplication of the sealant every few years.


Finally, polished concrete is the way to go if you want to save money throughout the life of a structure. The fact that it is appealing, long-lasting, and easy to clean is the cherry on top.

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