Netgear ReadyNAS 214

Quick Configuration Guide for the Netgear ReadyNAS 214 System

The Netgear ReadyNAS 214 storage system comes with enhanced technologies and features. It provides 48 terabytes of storage. It looks simple but strong. As you can easily operate the storage system from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it provides automatic backup with a new ready cloud app. Along with that, it provides dual Gigabit ethernet so that you access the data by using the link aggregation.

It provides five-level protection to your important documents and files so that you can sleep peacefully. Moreover, Netgear ReadyNAS provides personal cloud storage with a VPN-based ready cloud. So along with keeping your business files, you can keep your personal files without any problem.

When you use the ReadyNAS 214 to do your favorite activity. Then you experience a smooth connection when you get an HD video anywhere without transcoding any kind of hassle. With its superior performance and advanced backup function. You always get up-to-date when you make a backup from your client or mobile device to your NAS without extra software. Refer to the ReadyNAS 214 manual for detailed features and information.

Netgear ReadyNAS 214 System Configuration Steps and Requirements

The Netgear ReadyNAS 214 desktop storage system in which front and side panels include many buttons. In which it consists of exhaust vents, USB 2.0 port, backup and LED button, Disk LEDs, disk activity LED, power button and LED, drive bay door, and status display screen. Moreover, the drive bay of the ReadyNAS includes a drive bay door. The disk tray handle, recessed disk tray handle lock, disk tray release latch, and drive bays. Hence check out the rear panel of the ReadyNAS 214 consisting of eSATA port, Reset button, USB 3.0 ports, LAN ports with LED status indicators, Power cable socket, Exhaust fan, or Kensington lock.

In which the two LAN ports are totally equal to each other. You can simply use two different ethernet connections for the configuration of the ReadyNAS device.

How to check the Status Information of the ReadyNAS device?

You can simply get the status information of your Netgear ReadyNAS 214 storage system by checking the LEDs and the power button of the device. Simply press the power or LED button to turn on the storage system. If the button is on then the device is powered on, if the power LED is blinking. Then the device is either shutting down or booting and the LED is off then it is powered off. This is how you can simply check the other status information about the Netgear ReadyNAS. 

There are two LED status indicators that are built-in to the system port. The one is off and the other one shows three LED statuses that are amber, green, or off. When both the LEDs are green then it is providing 1000 Mbps of internet connection speed and there is no activity. If one LED is blinking green and the other one is stable green. Then you are getting 1000 Mbps of internet connection. One is green and the other one is amber, then you get 100 Mbps of internet connection and so on. 

How to login into the Netgear ReadyNAS 214 device?

To access the Netgear ReadyNAS login page, you need to be the admin of the storage system. You can use it to configure and manage the ReadyNAS system. When you visit the Netgear ReadyNAS 214 admin page, from where you can overview many activities. You can use the navigation bar via the admin page across the screen by navigating the icons. 

Firstly, connect the client device to the LAN of the Netgear ReadyNAS 214 system and then open your preferred internet browser. You can enter https://<hostname> into the location bar and press enter. Here the hostname is assigned to you and you can’t change the hostname.; Hence an SSL warning certificate displays on your windows screen, press enters to accept the certificate.

Now on your windows screen a login prompt displays. Where you have to put your login details to get into the Netgear ReadyNAS 214 storage system. Well, if you don’t know your login credential, the username is the admin and the default password is the password. Hence the login details prompt you to the Netgear homepage where you can access the settings and use the Ready cloud as well.  

Final Words

In the NETGEAR ReadyNAS 214 storage system, you can check the front and side panels of the device by referring to its manual. From the manual, you get a lot of information about the device. Moreover, you get detailed information about the drive bays, the rear panel of the device. Also, you will know how you can check the information status with its power on and shut down button, boot menu. Along with that, log in details that help you to access the Netgear Readynas storage system conveniently. 

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