Reasons to go to Ireland for higher studies

If one wants to study literature and they want to do their higher studies abroad, then the most sorted country where they think about doing it is in Ireland.

Here are some major reasons why one can consider Ireland for their higher studies:

Rich sense of community

Irish people are less complicated and they are the most enjoyable clan that one can think of. They are friendly enough and helpful too. So, even if one steps into Ireland from a foreign country, they feel welcome as the people out there are always ready to share their stories.


As mentioned above, the Irish people are the most welcoming people around. Hospitality is one of the most crucial roles in an Irish culture. So, one does not feel alone when they go in a new country to study. In fact, they feel comfortable and warm because of the nice people around.

Dublin is a student’s city

When one is thinking of studying in Ireland, they are mostly thinking of shifting to Dublin for higher studies. Dublin is indeed a student’s city because it is a home to a lot of renowned universities. Dublin has a friendly environment which has some great universally recognised educational institutions and one can always take help from the study in Ireland consultants and apply to any of these universities so that they can continue to study their favourite subject in a beautiful city. This city also is globally diversified because students from different parts of the world come to study here and so one can also get a great opportunity to know more people and explore a growing city.

Visa requirements

Ireland is a member of the European Union and European economic area. So they allow citizens of any other EU or EEA states to travel this country without a visa (one of course needs to be registered as a student if they want to stay longer than three months for studies or work). But if one is not a citizen of EU or an EEA country then there are student visas which are provided for them. Now, the process of getting a student visa for Ireland is not a very complicated one if one follows the rules. 

But before applying to any Irish universities, one has to know that understanding the Irish accent require quite an extra effort. In fact, if one is travelling from one region to another in Ireland then they can also experience different levels of Irish accents. On other hand, if one has a strong hold in English, then it can be easier for them to get a grasp to the accent even if it is thicker.

It is indeed a low cost country. If one wants to study in Dublin, then it is much less expensive than a lot of metropolitan centres. One can get reasonable accommodation rates and other things which are positive for a student to sustain in a foreign country alone. So, one can always think of shifting ti Ireland for higher studies.