Reasons Why Penny Dreadful Is the Best Show for Gothic Fiction Lovers

Penny dreadfuls used to be inexpensive novels of violent adventure and crime in the Victorian Era. The show penny dreadful is a horror gothic show with multiple characters and situations related to classic gothic literature and the pop culture of that era. It is one of the best and underrated gothic thriller shows on TV. The show is set up in the streets of late Victorian England and is one of a kind.  

Recreation of Literary Figures

The show revolves around the lives of the investigators living in Victorian England. The characters have secret personalities that they hide from others. When Vanessa Ives, Sir Malcom and Ethan Chandler investigate and look for Sir Malcom’s daughter, they realise that Mina is in the possession of some supernatural creatures.

The character have secret personalities and each one’s personality is a recreation of a literary fictional figure. For example, Victor Frankenstein’s character that is inspired by Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein’s creation comes back to haunt him and guilt him. He asks him to make him a mate. Similarly, the character of Dorian is inspired by the novel ‘the picture of Dorian Gray’. The character of Dorian has sexual relationships with multiple characters and that is how he gets into the main storyline.

Most of the characters in Penny Dreadful are related to old literary figures. To watch this incredible show get Xfinity tv to stream it on your smart TV or your devices. Xfinity TV comes in several packages in affordable rates.

Twisted Characters

The TV show has different characters fighting their own battles. Victor Frankenstein’s abandoned creation is ugly and reads a lot of Shakespearean literature, he works in a phantom of the opera-ish theatre where he falls in love with a human girl. The creature is human made but his soul is original and pure, which makes him look hideous but beautiful by heart.

Similarly, Vanessa has a very deep background story with the childhood best friend that she is looking for. She turns into someone else and passes out for days, and that is when we learn about her relationship with her best friend and her father Sir Malcom. Ethan Chandler has a dark past that haunts him and whenever he passes out, he wakes up in a pool of blood. His love, Brona Croft dies in his bed and is reanimated by Dr Frankenstein as the creature’s mate, Lily Frankenstein. She is beautiful and her heart is as pure as the creature’s.

Literary References

There are several literary references in Penny dreadful that are inspired by classic horror literature and the pop culture of that era, such as Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Similar to Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in penny dreadful almost all characters go through split personality disorder which makes the show more gothic and interesting.

Similarly, Dracula was the first literary piece that made supernatural creatures popular among fictional books, movies, and shows. Although Dracula did not have variety of gothic creatures, Penny dreadful has several supernatural being with their own background and stories. Supernatural creatures were quite popular in the pop literature of the late 19th century England.

Suspense and Substance

With its rich history and storyline, what makes this show special is the suspense and the substantial storyline of each character and the way all the characters connect to each other. The way they keep on looking for Mina, and the unfolding of the events make the show intriguing and full of suspense. Sometimes the characters’ personal demons are stronger than the creatures outside. The show is different and along with the interrelated creatures and characters, what is more intriguing is the inner struggle of the characters especially of Vanessa Ives with her personality disorder, and Ethan Chandler who is a werewolf and struggles on full moon nights.

Dark Victorian Setting

The show is set up in the late Victorian England with its theatres and rich cultures and the street life. The mysterious architecture and old London setting makes the show look more gothic and mysterious. Not only does it embrace the romanticism and mysticism of late Victorian England, but also the lurid and pulp fiction that was famous at that time.

Why we think Penny Dreadful is the best gothic show is because everything that adds substance to the story is very strong. The literary references in terms of characters and situations are top notch and add more to the story. Similarly, the setting, dialogues, internal monologues, and acting of each character is also something worth watching. If you are a literature lover and a gothic lover this is the ultimate show for you. With the creature’s love for poetry, drama, romance, and his deep dialogues, but hideous looks any poetry lover will love the show.