Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Refurbished Version Costs Less, Delivers More, and is Eco-Friendly

Samsung surprised the world when it launched the radically new smartphone – the Galaxy S10 in 2019. Unlike most phones in the market back then, the Galaxy S10 was super advanced. It pushed all limits – in storage, display, memory, and more. The Galaxy S10 smartphone also offers up to 8GB of RAM, guaranteeing smooth, lag-free performances.

Since the Galaxy S10 supports microSD expansions of up to 512GB, it’s still better than most phones in today’s market. Here are some other features that made the Galaxy S10 ahead of its time –

  • Waterproof: The Galaxy S10 has IP68 water and dust-resistance rating. It can stay underwater for 30-45 minutes without experiencing any damage.
  • Wireless Charging: The Galaxy S10 was one of the first smartphones to feature wireless charging. It also offers “power-sharing.” It converts into a power bank for compatible devices like other Galaxy phones, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watches, etc.
  • AMOLED Display: The Galaxy S10’s AMOLED Infinity-O display is still the best display quality you can get. The screen supports resolutions of up to 2280 x 1080 and is designed to feel easy on the eyes.
  • Camera Lenses: The Galaxy S10 has a rear camera “trifecta.” It features – one 12MP telephoto lens, one 16MP ultra-wide lens, and one 12MP wide-angle lens. Together they combine to offer HD selfies, super-slow-motion videos, and pictures with stunning depth.

From Under Panel Sensors (UPS) to bezel-less, notch-less displays – the Galaxy S10 is a “superphone” in many ways. It also offers 5G connectivity which makes the phone relevant in 2021 and beyond. However, due to the speedy technological advances in Samsung’s smartphone segment, new designs for their devices evolve very rapidly.

For instance, the company has already launched Galaxy S-21, Galaxy S-21 Ultra, and Galaxy S-21+ this year. Is the Galaxy S10 inferior to these newer phones by any means? Not particularly. Still, many Galaxy S10s have been returned to the manufacturers or resold for various reasons, such as –

  • The obsession to buy the latest Galaxy models.
  • Expiration of warranty.
  • Appealing buyback or trade offers.

Many Galaxy phones are discarded irregularly in landfills. These phones pollute the environment as they contain various heavy metals. Thankfully, smart shoppers can now buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 refurbished version from verified sellers. These sellers repair slightly old Galaxy S10’s and re-sell them at discount prices.

Refurbished smartphone sellers give average shoppers the chance to use luxury phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 at entry-level prices. Always wanted to buy a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10? You can get one in the refurbished smartphone market. Here are some other perks of buying the Samsung Galaxy S10 at a highly discounted price –

  • Guaranteed Quality: Top refurbished phone sellers deal with thousands of customers every day. They have market reputations to maintain, and the refurbished phones
  • are repaired and fault-free. If their quality checks don’t satisfy you, their guarantees of quality will. Top refurbished phone sellers offer up to 6 months warranty on high-end refurbished smartphones.
  • High-Quality Functioning: The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 that you’ll buy today will have the same quality as a brand-new model. Certified technicians eliminate all functional and aesthetic imperfections while refurbishing smartphones. So, don’t expect dents or scratches on your Samsung Galaxy S10.
  • Experience Premium Phones: People with plans to use premium smartphones can test the waters by using low-cost refurbished phones first. Let’s say a low-cost and refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 satisfies you after a few weeks of use. You can then plan to buy the latest Galaxy model in the future.

Final Take –

Buying a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 is a Blessing in Disguise

Smartphone users can help create a circular economy by investing in the refurbished smartphone market. Regaining value from used products is critical for the environment. Along with helping the environment, you also get to use a premium-quality phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 for cheap. That’s why the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 phone is definitely worth buying in 2021!