SHAREit: A Friendlier Way of Transferring Data

The process of sharing data and transferring them from one device to another should not be as complicated as some apps make it seem. Usually, many apps in the market require a series of configurations and make this simple process way more tedious. 

SHAREit is one such application that has made it easier for users. It is a fast and straightforward data-sharing app available for transferring files between Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Anyone can download free SHAREit from the Play Store or App Store from their Android and iOS devices, respectively, and avail the benefits of secure data transfer with minimum effort.

Elements and Features

SHAREit transfers data between devices wirelessly and without the use of a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, one can easily download free SHAREit from any operating system as it is available for Android and iOS.

Some of the essential features of this app are as follows:

  • It can share documents, photos, music, videos, etc., between different devices.
  •  The app does not require internet connection to share files between different devices.
  • The SHAREit app transfers data wirelessly at a very high speed which is faster than Bluetooth.
  • Apart from sharing data, App also houses several entertainment elements in new and trending videos.
  • It can also transfer downloaded apps from one device to another.
  • SHAREit provides a professional cleaner feature that helps clear up space to store more data.
  • It also hosts Game Centre, which has more than 2500+ free online games.     

How to use SHAREit?

SHAREit is the most popular of all sharing apps out there. It is because it is effortless to use and understand. Anyone with basic technical knowledge can use this app and share data effortlessly.

Following are the steps performed in the process of transferring data through the app.

  1. The first step would be to download a free SHAREit setup from the App Store or the Play Store, depending on which device you use. If you are using Windows, go to the official website and download it from there.
  2.  Ensure that the app is installed on both the devices within which the data has to be shared.
  3. Open SHAREit on both devices. You would see several tapping options on the interface, such as storage browsing, sending files, receiving files, and inviting people.
  4. On the device which would share the data, tap on ‘Send’. Similarly, tap on ‘Receive’ on the device which is supposed to receive said data.
  5. The next step would be to make sure your Bluetooth GPS is on.
  6. Then, browse through the data on the sharing device. The data could be document files, music, videos, apps, etc. After selecting the content to share, tap ‘Send’. Now, both devices would go into scanning mode.
  7. Lastly, the sender would choose the receiver, and the data would be transferred.

Pros & Cons of SHAREit

SHAREit is a file sharing, video streaming and gaming app. It is a global digital entertainment application that helps users share files and data seamlessly over devices with or without the internet. The list of its benefits is endless, but here we have listed a few:

  • Anyone can download the free SHAREit app on any operating system and device.
  • Data can be transferred wirelessly within smartphones and desktops.
  • It transfers data faster than Bluetooth.
  • All types of files can be transferred.
  • It entertains in the form of videos, games, etc.


If one requires transferring and sharing large amounts of data, subjecting to different formats, SHAREit would be an ideal choice. It is a tool to serve people looking for a safe and simple method to transfer their device data. The app has a primary interface that is compatible with both smartphones, along with PC and Mac. There is no limit to what size file SHAREit can transfer. It is known for its speed and security. Download free SHAREit and enjoy one of the fastest-growing media publishers globally with the latest videos, games and the fastest file sharing. 

You can also follow the latest developments in the app through their Instagram and Facebook profiles. tween different operating systems – all these features packed in one makes it so popular. Get the best of entertainment and file sharing today with SHAREit.