Skilled Independent Visa 189 – A Great Opportunity to Get Permanent Residency

Are you a skilled worker in your field? Do you wish to be a permanent resident in Australia? Do you want the chance to sponsor your family and relatives too? Then the Skilled Independent Visa 189 Australia is the perfect visa for you. Unlike other visas, you do not need sponsorship from your employer or your relative residing here. However, you can sponsor your relatives or family members to come into the country. The Australian government will invite you to apply for the visa – and you have to fulfill certain conditions to receive the intimation.

Benefits of the Skilled Independent Visa 189

The 189 visa Australia is a permanent visa with an invite-only condition – along with the proviso that the skilled workers will not have support by state or employer-aided financial assistance. With the 189 skilled visa – the holder can enjoy the following benefits:

⦁ They can achieve permanent residence in Australia.
⦁ They can sponsor other family or relatives for other visas (family depicts the spouse or partner of the applicant, a dependent child of the applicant or their spouse/partner, and the dependent relative or the applicant or their spouse/partner).
⦁ They can work and study inside Australia. 
⦁ They can apply for citizenship in Australia.
⦁ They can enroll in the Australian Medicare.
⦁ Within a five-year window – they can travel in and out of Australia multiple times. 

The application process of this visa is different from other Australian visas.

The process in short

An applicant can apply for visa subclass 189 whether they are inside or outside Australia. There are two streams in play – the points-tested stream and the New Zealand stream. In the points tasted stream, the applicant must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Skill-Select portal. If the EOI is approved, the applicant gets an invitation from the department to apply for this skilled migration visa 190.

Let us know about the eligibility conditions for these two different streams of Skilled Independent visa 189:

⦁ New Zealand stream

According to the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement (TTTA), citizens of New Zealand can apply for the visa without going for the skills test. So, the eligibility conditions the New Zealand citizens are fewer. The conditions are listed below:
⦁ The New Zealand applicant will have to show that they have contributed considerably to and are devoted to Australia.
⦁ They must hold a specialized visa subclass 444. 
⦁ They must have lived in Australia for at least five years and have started their residency before 19.02.2016.
⦁ The applicant should meet the requirements of a stable income.
⦁ They should meet the character requirements.
⦁ They must disclose whether they have any medical condition that requires constant support from the government or community.
⦁ The application must also mention whether they have been diagnosed with highly contagious diseases like tuberculosis.

⦁ Points-tested stream

This stream requires the applicant to submit an EOI that mentions them and their qualifications, occupation, and skills. The Skill-Select will evaluate, score, and rank you against contending immigrants. The department has designed this program to allow diverse occupations to get a good chance and space for considerations. Let us know the eligibility conditions for the points-tested stream:
⦁ Candidates must be below 45 years.
⦁ The occupation and job of the candidate must be pertinent and registered on the 189-occupation list
⦁ Applicants must establish that they possess the proper skills assessment for their occupation.
⦁ The applicant must receive an invitation to apply after you submit an EOI.
⦁ The candidate must disclose any condition requiring continuous support from the government or community. 
⦁ The candidate must score the needed points in the points test. 
⦁ The applicant must also state whether you have been diagnosed with tuberculosis. 

The Skill-Select will award the candidates points based on their EOI, age, work proficiency, and education level. The current pass mark is 65 points.

 A few things about skills assessment

Although skilled workers need an invitation to work under this visa subclass, not all professions are mentioned under the skills assessment list. The candidate will need to check on the list before applying and undergo a skills-assessment examination to prove their expertise. 
The department appoints authorized organizations to take the skills assessment. However, the assessment of expertise in a particular profession falls under a specific authority. The applicant must ensure the proper skills-assessment authority – because the Skill-Select portal will accept endorsements when the relevant skills-assessment authority makes them. 
The applicant has to contact the proper authority of the skills assessment and undergo the proceedings with them. 
After submission, the EOI remains valid for two years – after that, the applicant will have to apply again. The invitation to apply for the visa may come at any time in these two years. The candidate can update their information at any time on the website – experts recommend this as it may increase the chance of invitation. However, if the department sends the application once – the applicant cannot change the score anymore.

After the invitation

After the department’s invitation, the applicant has 60 calendar days to apply for this visa – whether inside or outside Australia. The department will provide a bridging visa to await the processing and result if you apply in Australia. 
The evaluation of the application depends on the points scored in the EOI and the eligibility criteria mentioned above. The probability of visa approval increases proportionally with the points scored in the EOI – especially if it significantly surpasses the department-approved pass mark. If you want more information about the proceedings and the application – you can always contact the most experienced migration agent in Adelaide for pieces of advice. 

Visa subclass 189 checklist

This visa offers a way to permanent residency, so the application must be correct and complete. To ensure that you have provided all the required documentary proof – check the claims you have made in your application. The candidate can also peruse this checklist to double-check their application – which must contain the following documentation:
⦁ Proof of age for the specific stream.
⦁ Proof of invitation by the department to apply for the visa.
⦁ A copy of the skills assessment – complete with the result and recommendation of the appropriate authority for that particular skill.
⦁ Evidence of the skill being in the eligible list of skilled professions.

Otherwise, the applicant can provide citizenship proof or hold a valid passport of Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, or the Republic of Ireland, with their application.

⦁ Evidence of taking the skills assessment within three years of the invitation. 
⦁ Proof of qualifying in the health and character requirement. It is also applicable for the family members/relatives accompanying the primary applicant. 
⦁ Evidence of no outstanding debt to the Australian government.
⦁ Proof of signing the Australian values statement. 
⦁ Evidence of not having any refused or canceled visa previously.

Processing time for the visa

The processing time may change if the department needs more information from the candidate. So, to ensure that they have provided all the necessary information in their application for the first time – you should take the help of the most proficient migration agent in Adelaide.