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Develop An Instagram Clone And Revolutionize The Social Media Space

There is one platform that is the hub of emojis, GIFs, photos, videos, etc. It is none other than Instagram. The American platform has been steadily increasing its user base since its launch in October 2010. Undoubtedly, the Facebook-owned social media major is also slowly harnessing the potential of content monetization. Entrepreneurs can also disrupt the digital era significantly by launching an Instagram clone

Stats and Instagram: Decoding its titanic rise 

  • According to Sensor Tower, Instagram received more than 13 million downloads in October 2021. Its user base increased by 31% in just 1 month. Is monthly subscription the future of Instagram? Yes, the social network is attracting content creators and influencers through a subscribe button. How does this work? Users will have to pay a certain amount to access exclusive snaps and stories. 
  • Content developers will get a special badge for interacting with their fans and followers. They would also receive real-time stats about their revenue, and the number of active members. They can also organize live sessions and get attractive gifts from their die-hard fans.
  • Over the decade, Instagram has surpassed 1 billion downloads on Android. This is because users can chat privately, share stories, stream videos, purchase goods, organize fundraising campaigns, and also process transactions. 

Why is an App Like Instagram ideal in the 21st century?

Instant sharing of content – Netizens can keep the whole universe updated on their daily lives. Importantly, they can post photos and videos with just a few taps on their smartphones. Besides that, users can add and delete filters, edit posts, share their location, tag accounts of their fans, and also mention hashtags. 

Filter and search mechanism – Discovering engaging content is quite easy on an Instagram-like social media platform. Cyber surfers must tap the search and explore panel and enter details of activities, hashtags, names of users, and locations. 

Live stream button – Sharing content on a real-time basis is the unique selling point (USP) of an Instagram-like virtual platform. Content creators can tap the Go Live option and broadcast videos. They can also invite guests, respond to questions asked by viewers, record the content, save them on their devices, and later share them with the entire world. 

Quick purchase of products E-commerce offers several benefits like convenience, instant comparison of prices, negligible operating expenses, and round-the-clock order processing. Likewise, a virtual network similar to Instagram contains a digital storefront. 

Users can locate merchandise sold by retailers, add items to their cart, process transactions, and order it in a quick time. Moreover, cyber citizens will receive instant notifications about newly launched goods. They can add items to their watchlist and place orders in the future according to their convenience.

Organizing fundraising campaigns – Supporting social causes is quite simple on an Instagram-like social network. Mediapreneurs like you can directly connect content creators and donors. There are 2 options in place, Personal and Non-Profit. 

How does this function? A fundraiser must click the donation sticker attached to a photo, story, and live video. They can process transactions by syncing their credit and debit cards, net banking accounts, and digital wallets. Organizations can also create business accounts and aid charities in fulfilling their objectives.  

Stories Section – The highlight of an Instagram clone lies in the Stories dashboard. Users can share numerous snaps and videos taken throughout the day. 

Help Centre It is essential to provide 24×7 technical support to users. Setting up a help desk is the right solution in this regard. Cyber citizens can sort out concerns related to abuse of content, changing of passwords, dealing with abuse and hate speech, data protection, privacy, etc. A dedicated team will solve their problems via email, live chat, and phone. 

Key aspects to consider when creating an App like Instagram are

Analyzing the competition – Undoubtedly, the world is changing. Hence, techpreneurs like you must incorporate new trends in your social network. With so many instant messaging apps and video-sharing platforms in the market, competitor analysis is a must. 

Deep research must be conducted about the features and functionalities of rivals in the social media space. Understanding the interests, preferences, and tastes of the target audience will make a difference between success and failure. 

Finalize your business objectives – Clarity will help in accomplishing goals. You will have different targets in mind. It can be increasing the user base, accumulating more revenue and profits, and getting more market share in the virtual space. 

Adhering to laws – A social network can function in a hassle-free manner only by complying with data protection, privacy and security guidelines issued by governments. In the long run, this uplifts the trust of users and increases credibility since their information is kept safe from hacking and phishing attacks.

Know the cost to create an app like Instagram 

Countless aspects play a role while developing an Instagram-like social network. It depends on

  • Complexity of the user interface (UI). The types of basic and premium features integrated into the photo and video sharing app. 
  • Kinds of programming languages and tools used to create Android and iOS apps. 
  • Hourly and weekly rates paid to the front-end and back-end developers. 
  • Duration taken to create the social media platform. 

Wrapping Up

Instagram is leading the way in the social media space. It is also focusing extensively on user safety through awareness, campaigns, and outreach. Moreover, content creators can express themselves in numerous languages on the popular platform. 

Are you that innovative entrepreneur willing to make it big? Share your business goals with an app creation enterprise and build an Instagram clone soon.