Dual Band Gigabit Router

What Are The System Tools Of Mercusys Dual Band Gigabit Router?

The Mercusys router is a wireless dual-band Gigabit router that delivers a high-speed network. You can easily connect your Windows, Macs, Mobile phone, smart TV, vacuum cleaner, printer, and others to this router. The network connectivity is more stable, faster, & strong. You can seamlessly enjoy home entertainment without any lag with the network speed of this router. The reaching speeds of the Mercusys dual band Gigabit router are up to 1900 Mbps. The dual-band network is enhanced in this router that simultaneously boosts the wireless network signals.

The 1300 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. The wireless network coverage is far-reaching.  The 6× high-gain antennas are built-in on this router with beamforming technology that improves the wireless network coverage as well as wireless network signals. 

The Mercusys networking router accurately boosts stable connections throughout your home for strong Wi-Fi signals in every corner. If you wish to change the IP address of this router, you have to access the mercusys router login page. Without this page, you cannot change the IP address. The full gigabit ports are placed on the back panel that makes full use of your internet access and transfer data at dizzying speeds for peak performance.

System tools of the Mercusys Dual Band Gigabit Router

The Mercusys wireless gigabit router provides high-speed network connectivity in the whole home. The network performance of this router is high & ultimate. If you wish to manage the network performance of this router then you configure the system tools. The system tools are most important to amplify the network signals. If you wish to configure these tools then you should know what are the basic tools of this dual band Gigabit router. In the given below, there are some system tools.

  • Time setting
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Web management
  • Change login password
  • Backup & Restore
  • Diagnostic tools

Configure the system tools of Mercusys Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

If you wish to amplify the network signal of the Mercusys dual band Gigabit router then you should configure the system tools. The system tools are most important to increase the wireless network signals. If you wish to configure the system tools then you can follow some ways. 

Time setting

The time setting is important for the Mercusys dual band Gigabit router. If you cannot configure this setting then network signals are not amplified. If you wish to configure the Time setting, then you can open the web interface. In the search field of the browser, you can enter the IP address. Then, visit the login window. In this window, you can enter the admin password and properly log in to the account. 

After that, you can visit the router setting. In the setting, you can select the system tools option. Under this option, you can select the time setting to properly configure the time setting. You can select the Time zone option and select your local time zone from this drop-down list. Then, click the date/time option and the dual band Gigabit router automatically obtains GMT from the internet based on the time zone you select. In the end, click the save option and properly save this setting. 

Web management tool of a dual-band router

To manage the web management setting, you can visit the system tools setting and select the web management option. On the web management page, you can select the local management option. Then, you select the “Allow specified local devices” option. You can enter each MAC address in a separate field. After that, click the save option and properly save this Local; management setting. Now, you can click the remote management option. You can select the “Allow all remote devices” option. After that, you can enter the port number to be used to access the dual band Gigabit router between 1024 and 65535. The default value is 8888. You can click the save option and accurately save this setting. 

Firmware upgrade of the router

The firmware upgrade is the best tool for the Mercusys dual band Gigabit router. With this tool, the network signals are accurately amplify. To configure the firmware upgrade, you go to the system tool and select the firmware upgrade option. Then, you can watch the firmware version. If the version is outdated then you can download the latest firmware file. After that, you can click the browse option and locate the newest firmware file. You can upload it into their field. Now, you can click the upgrade option and accurately upgrade the router’s firmware version. 

Change login password of dual band Gigabit Router

Under the system tools, you can change the login password. Because the default password is very common and everyone knows this password. You can visit mwlogin.net and then select the change login password option. In the change login password field, you will see three fields. In the first field you can enter the old password. Then, you can enter the new password in their field, and in the last, you can enter configure the new password. After that, click the save option and properly save the new password. 

Backup & restore tool

The backup & restore tools are most important. If ever the setting is deleted by mistake then you can easily access it with this option. But for this, you can configure this setting. Under the system & tools option, you can click the Backup option. After that, setting is Backup in the proper manner. 

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