The bride that Looks both Beautiful and Natural

Its official, the on-trend make-up look for brides getting hitched in 2014 is the natural, barely there look. The minimal make up trend that kicked off in summer 2013 is set to continue through to 2014, meaning that brides need to start looking at how best to achieve this notoriously tricky make up look.

The thing about barely there make up is that it actually takes quite a lot of work. The natural, nude appearance of flawless, glowing skin can be difficult to nail – especially if you skin is prone to temperamental outbreaks and blemishes.

So, what is the best way forward in achieving this delicious, demure wedding day face?

The planning

As with all weddings, there will be plenty of planning put into your nuptials. As well as the dress, cake, cars, bridesmaids, venue and wedding breakfast, you need to put skin on the to-do list. Long before you walk down the aisle you must start thinking about treating your skin with a little extra tender loving care.

Healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet packed with fruit and vegetables will not only trim your waistline, it will show outwardly in your face. Vitamins A, C and E are all known for their positive skin loving properties, so either eat foods containing lots of these, or cheat and buy some vitamin supplements.

Other great nutrients which give skin a healthy, dewy sheen include Omega Three oils which are to be found in oily fish – so chuck a few tins of sardines and land yourself some salmon or mackerel at the fishmongers next time you go shopping. In addition to all these goodies, make sure to keep skin well hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water a day and regularly get eight hours sleep.

Bride with her bridesmaids

When it comes to getting great wedding day skin it is good to know you are not totally on your own. Beauty treatments such as facials, Botox or dermal fillers prior to the big day can really give skin a beauty boost.

Establishments such as Cape Town beauty clinic, B Paul Hair and Beauty Spa in offer skin therapies and also provide a bridal make-up service. Add to this their very own skilled and experienced hair designers and they are able to offer a comprehensive hair and make-up service for you and your bridesmaids.

The fashion for natural look makes up accentuates the radiance and luminous qualities of a bride’s skin. To get the fresh-faced look keep skin hydrated with moisturiser. Morning and night, after cleansing and toning, moisturise with a product that’s suited to skin type. Whether your skin is oily, dry or normal it will hugely benefit from a twice daily blast of moisturising goodness. Banish imperfections and redness using a concealer stick.

Different types of concealers work better for different skin tones, experiment with green, apricot and pink/beige concealers to see which one gives the best results. Next add a primer to the skin, this will even out and smooth away dark circles, blemishes and other imperfections. Next select a light diffusing foundation to give your skin the softest of sheens. Skins should be veiled in light silky foundation that glides on effortlessly.

Avoid heavy, mask like products which sit in the pores and look unnatural. Why not try applying the foundation with the same methods professional’s use? Use a small make up sponge and dab it on softly, concentrating on the T zone around nose and cheeks, gradually smoothing away for a perfect blend. Apply light deflecting blusher and the sheerest of light diffusing powder to create the fresh-faced look we’re after.

Open up eyes by using eyelash curlers and brown or black mascara. Apply shimmery neutral shades on lids and in socket line, blending a little colour in towards the outer edges. Finish off with subtle natural tones for lips. Choose from pale berry glosses and translucent apricot tones for the mouth. Think about the floral bouquet you will be carrying – will there be tones and shades from the flowers that you would like to echo in your make up design?

Follow these tips to look great for your wedding day

After applying the make-up for a natural face, think about how your hair will be dressed on the big day. Trends indicate that the continuing fascination we all have for things retro will be reflected in hair styles. We will be seeing up-dos with a vintage feel gliding down the aisle as well as more casual, loose styles suggestive of country maidens and delicate, bejewelled headbands, tiaras and veils.

So, if you were wondering which make up style to go for on the big day, its natural all the way. Better start eating your greens, drinking more water and getting some sleep!

Ways to get Your Visitors Involved on Wedding Photographs

It’s not at all just the official wedding photographer who can take pictures around the big day. It’s easy to do and fun too. It truly is created even easier as of late with camera phones and social networking to share the pictures immediately. Take a photograph of the guests because they arrive. Perhaps allocate this task to 1 in the ushers, bridesmaids or a pal. A quick snap on their camera mobile phone, digital camera or even a cheap disposable camera and it truly is done. As visitors arrive both at the wedding itself and/or the reception they can be directed past a pre-designated spot to get their photograph taken in an informal way.

A well-liked strategy to get every person involved within the fun and celebrations through Cape Town wedding photography at the wedding reception is to leave disposable cameras on each table. Inspire your visitors to use them liberally throughout the evening then collect the cameras with the finish from the night. You will have numerous photographs to search through of your visitors enjoying themselves.

To additional encourage your guests to obtain busy together with the photographs you may set up a devoted album on any 1 (or more) from the major photograph sharing sites and let folks to upload right to it or upload a variety yourselves afterwards if you have time. Ensure that both ways you know which guest took which photographs. Then, just for a little bit of entertaining, award a tiny prize for say the best 3 photographs you feel are the most humorous, most candid, most surprising or no matter what criteria you decide on.