The Nuances of EDDM

Targeted bulk mailing, also known as Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®), is provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and allows your marketing strategy to contact potential customers without having to have a mailing list or even know their address. Your mailers will be delivered to every active address on the mailing routes you designate as priorities (by neighbourhood, city, or ZIP code).

USPS EDDM: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Retail eddm mailing sizes and Business Mail Entry Unit EDDM® are the two forms of EDDM® available. EDDM® Retail does restrict you to using standard flats (postcards) and a daily output of 5,000 pieces. With the EDDM® BMEU, bulk-mail permits are required, but the type of mail that can be sent is more flexible. An EDDM® marketing campaign (printed in accordance with USPS rules) can be put together in only 4 simple steps.

To begin, decide why you want to use EDDM® in your marketing strategy. Are you attempting to: 

Discover a hitherto untapped market?

Improve the production of leads?

Encourage the debut of a product or event or a sale?

Encourage the opening of a new branch office?

With EDDM®, you can target a specific demographic within a community or the entire community as a whole.

The second step is to create or use an existing account to produce an Every Door Direct Mail®-Retail mailing. You can send up to 5,000 mail pieces per ZIP Code per day using EDDM® Retail if you send a minimum of 200 mail pieces.

Next, create and print your mailers. Standard physical requirements and print placement rules have been set forth by the USPS. Use this link to have your Every Door Direct Mailing Postcards designed and printed by our experts in accordance with these standards. Read on for more on the prerequisites and a do-it-yourself campaign:

Mailing titles must appear on the top half of mail pieces and not appear upside-down when placed parallel to the shortest end of flats. Minimum flat dimensions are 10.5 inches long, 6.125 inches in height, or.25 inches thick. Maximum flat dimensions are 15 inches long, 12 inches in height, and.75 inches thick. 

Postal Customer” must be used for active business and residential deliveries; and  “Residential Customer” must be used for residential deliveries for Business Mail Entry Units. For delivery to PO Boxes, use the term “PO Box Customer.”

There is no requirement to specify the city, state, or 5-digit ZIP code. Pads 10.5 to 11.5 crawls long submitted to a BMEU should have “EDDM” composed after “ECRWSS.The permit indicia and/or the address area must both have “ECRWSS” as part of the design.

Neighborhood Postal Customer” for dynamic business and private conveyances on retail EDDM® names

Note: “ECRWSS” and “EDDM RETAIL” must appear in all retail pieces as part of the retail indicia.

Visit for further information on correct placement and indicia requirements.

Take a look at this video to learn more about the BMEU and Retail EDDM programmes. Decide on the best mailing routes based on your marketing goals in Step 4. – To help you plan your EDDM® marketing campaign routes once you’ve done your research on “who you want to receive what,” the USPS has created an interactive map that you can use.

The map lets you specify your recipients by showing: based on the most recent census data. Postal users, both business and residential, number, average age, average household size, average household income (you define this statistic).

How Effective Is EDDM in Treating Diabetes Mellitus?

Many have predicted that direct marketing will vanish with the advent of digital marketing. Direct marketing, on the other hand, continues to be effective despite the shift to digital. Here’s why:

The Connection and Physical Aspect of Direct Mail

In addition, it’s simple to share with family and friends (because not everyone has access to the internet); and it has the potential to be original and creative.

Combining Direct Mail and digital advertising is a good idea

With direct mail, especially with EDDM®, you can tailor a highly targeted marketing campaign on a budget and with little work.

A study by the U.S. Small Business Association indicated that sales made through direct mail campaigns were $5 million more expensive. Purchases six times as large as those produced by email alone were made when email was used in conjunction with direct mail.

How long does it take to mail a letter to every house in a neighbourhood?

The design, printing, and mailing of your mail pieces will be the most time-consuming part of any marketing effort. Takes ranging from three to ten days or more depending on the complexity. You can expect delivery in 3 to 10 days from the time USPS gets your EDDM®. Anything arriving after 14 days is considered late, despite the fact that this delivery window is not guaranteed. Your campaign’s concept to final delivery may take 2 to 4 weeks if no serious obstacles develop.

What Is the Price of EDDM?

EDDM® Retail prices range from $0.16 to $0.20 per piece for a variety of sizes and styles. Postage savings of up to 7 cents compared to ordinary mail or 3 cents compared to first-class 46 postcard rates are possible by using this service.

Using the USPS EDDM® interactive map at, you can estimate your campaign’s cost per item.

For every address, every time” is the motto of EDDM

Because of perusing this article, you presently know what Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is just as how to utilize it in your next showcasing effort. With EDDM®, your marketing campaign will be able to reach previously unreachable communities and demographics. Ads that don’t include EDDM® will underperform or fail to reach their full potential.

Designing an Effective EDDM® Postcard: A Few Pointers

EDDM – also known as Every Door Direct Mail – has helped hundreds of companies increase their clientele in the last few years. With this postcard mailing service, you can select postal routes in your desired location and then send a cheap postage postcard to each door along that route at a discounted price per postcard.

An excellent strategy to connect with the people and businesses in your target neighbourhood is to post flyers. With EDDM®, you can easily converse with individuals, residents, families and businesses in your target area. You must deliver the proper message with the right artwork if you’ve decided to send an oversized postcard campaign. 

Below are a couple of  suggestions to bear in mind.

Simple, but bold, is a good way to start a postcard. (Headline) It doesn’t need to be extremely long but needs to catch attention.

Aims and objectives

Establish why people should choose you above your competition. Know WHY you’re sending this mailer and WHAT you want it to achieve before you send it out.. There has to be more than “I want more business.” That is the end objective but attempt to dive deeper. Would you like to say hello to everyone in the neighbourhood?

Is it your goal to raise awareness among parents of small children about your kid-friendly product line? Let them know, for instance, that you work with both residential and business clients on a regular basis. Maybe you’d like to see more sales of a certain item. Do not be scared to let them know what your aim is.

A Promotional Code or A Reduction in Price

People always want to explore the ways in order to save the money as much as possible. People may be more receptive if you provide a voucher or discount. In addition, the coupon should have an expiration date. Make the coupon expire a few weeks after they’ve gotten it, even if it’s a discount you normally offer.

Infusing the postcard with a sense of urgency encourages recipients to take action right away rather than putting it aside with the thought that I’ll get around to it eventually.” Due to the fact that, as we are all aware, we simply never get around to it!