kundli matching

The role of astrology in kundli matchmaking and compatibility analysis

Matchmaking Kundli or Kundali Milan is consider the first and most important step to finalize the prospect of marriage between the groom and the bride. Since ages, Kundli Milan or Rashi (horoscope) matching has always been an important ritual at the beginning of the marriage process.

Reasons why Kundali Milan is necessary

In Vedic astrology, Matchmaking kundali or Kundli Milan is an important pairing process. We’ve picked out seven reasons why you should consider it.

For overall compatibility

Before the wedding, the kundali (birth charts) are matched to determine the compatibility between the bride and the groom.

According to Vedic astrology, there are 36 gunas or qualities that match to determine how compatible two people are and how prosperous their lives will be. These gunas have different points and each point indicates a different factor of life. This also suggests how their individual stars and destiny will influence each other.

By assigning kundali we can also determine marital harmony. Astrologers also provide various remedies if problems occur.

Effects on financial stability and career

When two people join in the sacred relationship of marriage, the movement of their planets affects not only their lives, but the lives of each other as well. Bhakoot, the seventh guna, indicates this effect. Kundali comparison also ascertains financial stability and job prospects.

Compatibility with Bear Descendants

One of the main issues we target with Kundali matching is the happiness and health of children. Naadi, the eighth guna, carries maximum points and indicated the chances of childbirth or any problems arising around it. Since a family is consider complete only after the birth of a child, parents take great care to ensure this happiness for their children after marriage.

Measuring mental and physical compatibility

The Kundali Milan task is use to predict the mindset, interests, behavior, mood and most importantly the attitude of partners. This is the basic prerequisite for a successful marriage, especially in these challenging times when the world is moving forward at a tremendous pace.

Pairing also assesses the health and well-being of both partners. Finally, physical attraction is also test to ensure an adequate level of desirability between the boy and the girl.

Overcome Dasha

When a child is born, the placement of the stars and the timing of his birth decide his happiness. This factor is scientifically prove and therefore very important for every individual.

The timing and placement of stars can sometimes be such that it creates a Dasha in a person’s charts like Mangal Dasha or Shani Dasha. Such dashas can lead to problems after marriage and kundli matchmaker can reveal the same. Once detected, the astrologer can guide you to perform certain poojas or follow certain practices to reduce its effects. In extreme cases, marriage is not recommend.

Solving the problems of mismatched and mismatched kundali

By now we all know that kundali matching is an important aspect to check the success and failure of the marriage. But what should be done about every other factor apart from the kundali being correct as a marriage prospect? In such circumstances, consultation with a respected and reputable astrologer is recommend.

Astrological remedies can be applied or decided to reduce the negative and malefic effects of dashas and yogas in the couple’s horoscope. Astrology has a solution to tie the knot with a particular person even if your kundli don’t match each other.

Special Poojas (if required) For a better life

Once the Kundli chart is connect, the astrologer can suggest certain poojas for a happy married life. Sometimes the doshas found after Kundali matching can be correct by applying for medicines and performing pooja.

Even if the kundli matches, after a detailed analysis of the planets of the bride and the groom, certain remedies are recommend for a successful married life.

Difference between marriage compatibility and kundli matching?

According to astrologers, they are similar. They need detailed reading and analysis of 10 important factors of kundli matching. Therefore, people must be aware of the whole truth and not act from a place of half-knowledge about matchmaking kundli.

How accurate is the kundli match making by name?

A set of websites claims that the couple matches based on the name, but how often does it give actual results? Chances are you may be relying on the wrong conclusion. The reason is that many people these days don’t have a name according to Nakshatra. This can lead to a false result. That’s why it is always suggest to go for a complete kundli pairing.

Why do marriages sometimes fail even after kundli pairing?

So many people complain about this particular problem over and over again. Astrologer, after verifying several cases, concluded that there could be two likely reasons for this problem. First, Detailed Matchmaking kundli is a must and is based on Guna alone Milan. Secondly, the astrologer doing the reading need not be an expert or learned in his field.

Important Factors to Consider for Matchmaking kundli?


Checking the longevity of life of bride and groom is most important while matching their Janma Kundli.


Health is consider to be the most important factor in every person’s life. It is important to check the health prospects of both.


Money is the most important factor in everyone’s life. No couple wants to live with a lack of money. It will destroy their married lives. Therefore, it is important to check their financial prospects.


We all want a bright future for ourselves and our life partners. It is important to see whether the couple has a bright future or not.

Mutual Understanding in Matchmaking Kundli

Mutual understanding is the most important part of married life. A lack of mutual understanding can lead to increase differences between the two.

If there is no mutual understanding between couples, they will not be able to lead a peaceful and happy married life and their lives will turn into hell.

Marriage is the union of two people who share all happy and unhappy events and their interests. Everyone wants a happy and peaceful married life. Instead of risking your Kundli mismatch, you can have an idea of ​​what your married life will be like. You can have an idea of ​​what your Kundli says about your life by availing of our Hindi Kundli Online service.


According to Vedic Astrology, the main and biggest reason for Kundali or Kundali Milan matching before marriage is to ensure that the couple has a happy, prosperous and long married life.

It is believe that an individual’s character can be predict through their horoscope. Before marriage and in general, Kundali Milan helps us to know if someone is honest and sincere about their relationships and other important factors that contribute to the success or failure of any marriage.