Hose Reels

Things to Consider While Choosing Hose Reels

If you plan on investing in some new hose reels for your business, here are several questions you should ask yourself first so that you can make the best possible decision.

What type of reel is the best for me?

You might be overwhelmed with the amount of options you have when choosing a reel. There are three brands of reel and they all seem to have amazing quality and a wide range of options. However, the good news is that whatever option you go for, you will not regret it. All of the options available on the market have outstanding quality. That means that the decision you make mostly relies on personal preference and length of the water hose (depending on how big the premises of your business is and where the reel would be positioned).

Where am I going to put the reels?

When buying a hose reel it’s important that you think about where you will put it in advance. You need to think of the most strategic places in your yard. If you’re buying a high-quality hose reel for your business purposes, the most common advice is to place it in the line of machines. That way, your workers can easily walk along the line of machines and equipment that needs to be cleaned and they’ll instantly have a much better approach to all of the corners. It also prevents the hose from being dragged around and getting stuck at corners. Not only is this a much easier method but it also prevents any potential damage being caused to the hose too.

You can hang the reels on the wall or the ceiling, just make sure that the water supply is provided and installed somewhere close.

How do I hang the reels?

Usually, the reels are to be placed at a height of about 2 or 3 meters above the ground. The preferred placement is for 3 meters to be exact. The higher the reel hangs, the easier it will be for you to roll it up. Also, this means that the chance of the hose dragging on the floor while you clean too much is a lot lower. In addition to that, if a reel hangs at the height of 3 meters, the hose stop is placed on the reel and makes sure that the hose is not entirely rolled up. That way, the workers can easily get to it.

Lastly, another great benefit of hanging the hose reel at the height of at least 2 meters is that you prevent situations when someone can accidentally walk over it. This will prevent any damage done to the hose and it will maintain workplace safety.

How many reels do I need and how long must the hoses be?

Well, this largely depends on the dimensions of your business. It also depends on how long the hose needs to be. The larger the premises of your business are the more hose reels you’ll need. Also, take into account how many machines and equipment you have that needs to be regularly washed. In most cases, to keep the foam running on a quality level, the hose needs to be somewhere in between 25 and 30 meters long. Examine the range of every reel and make sure that working areas covered by one reel overlap each other even just a little bit. This way you will know for sure that you have everything covered.

Rinsing, foaming and disinfecting?

Lastly, in addition to hose reels, you also need to purchase hoses and spray guns. You need to consider what application you will use them for. Will you only use them for rinsing or will you also clean and disinfect the equipment? Also, think about what water pressure and temperature you will be using to clean the machinery. If you have this information, picking out a hose reel will be an easy task for you.


Overall, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration when you’re buying new hose reels. You need to think about the preferred placement, the length of the hose, the purpose of the hose reel, and the number of reels you need. Once you have all of that covered it will be an easy decision.