Property Refurbishment

Things you must know before Starting a Property Refurbishment

Do property refurbishment or renovation is on your cards? Renovating a home is an exciting project, but at the same time it is challenging too. There are many things to consider before stepping in into the refurbishment of the house. Planning, cost, labor and hard work.

If you are planning to renovate your home, then you must have a plan. Just do not dive into the renovation process; it will lead you with disappointments only. Without preparation and without knowing what exactly you want, renovation will make things complex, thus leading in mistakes and mishaps. So, before you start renovating, here are few things that you must know for a successful home refurbishment project.

Renovation Budget –

Many homeowners make the same mistake of not having a proper budget before starting renovating home. Having a fair idea of the budget is essential to know what you do and what you have to do. Take into consideration how much funds you have and what exactly you want the outcome. This will help you in planning your renovations. Otherwise renovation is an ongoing task; you can stretch it as much as you can. Therefore, it is important to set a budget in advance and plan accordingly. Make sure you arrange some extra funds too in case the renovation cost increases or you face any delays.

Research on Activities –

Once you have done with the budget, now it’s time to research on all tasks and activities that are being proposed in your home renovation project. It is advisable to search over the internet what all you want to transform in your home. You need to decide on many things before you start executing your plan. This may include paint colors, texture, lighting, carpet, furniture, etc. You need to narrow down your needs like you want whole new kitchen i.e. structural changes or you just want to change appliances, cupboards, crockery, etc. Taking decisions on these tasks is essential to avoid last minute rush as there are plenty of options available in the market. For examples, you want to change your existing furniture of any specific room, you need to decide what type of furniture you want know. Sleek or bulky? Modern or traditional? You need to research and decide everything in advance; do not keep them for last time.

Hire Contractors –

For home refurbishment services, it is better to hire contractors. Take estimates from multiple contractors and compare bids. It is fruitful to talk to several contractors and experts regarding time, cost, plan, etc before making a final decision. You may be paying too much for small amount of work or you may not get what you want after paying too much amount, this risk can be avoided with taking estimates and discussion regarding renovation with multiple contractors. You can get help of a designer as well to avoid decision exhaustion. Bring in an architect if your remodel involves major architectural changes. They are experts in sketching the plan and meet their client’s requirements.

Reality Check –

You might have decided and planned all renovations of your home, but it’s time to check reality whether it’s feasible for your home or not. Your home supports the work which you want. Renovation cannot be done on thought and planning alone. Checking feasibility of changes is very much important to check the chances of meeting requirements and expectations. For instance, adding a washroom in the middle of living room seems easy but actually it is not. An architect or an expert or a contractor can advise you that it might not be workable due to complex plumbing or location you choose do not have any water pipe lines or may be the structure of your living room is not workable to make the washroom, and so on. They can guide you what best can be done and can take all requisite approvals as well, if required. It is recommended to check all pros and cons of your home renovation before starting.

Timelines –

It’s good to set timelines for your renovation as it will take longer than expected. You need to be prepared in advance, especially if you are undertaking a renovation while staying in the home. Removal of old fixtures takes time; all together renovation is a long and time taking process. You need to set realistic timelines to avoid frustration afterwards. You can schedule your work accordingly. Apart from setting timelines, starting work on time is also important. Delays can cost you nothing except increased expenses. Have a full schedule of serial wise work that what should be done first and what should be done last. Starting all work at once will create mess only that is why it is better to plan and execute.