Top 5 Refrigerator Brands in Pakistan

Refrigerators in Pakistan

Refrigerators in the Pakistani market can be categorized into two primary groups. Local manufacturers or assemblers and imported refrigerators. From local brands to imported ones, the Pakistani market is loaded with options when it comes to refrigerators. Orient, Haier, PEL, Gree, Dawlance, and numerous other brands compete with each other to get the lion’s share of the market. Imported refrigerators are usually famous for their no-frost feature, but are relatively expensive. There is also an issue of spare parts availability when it comes to imported brands.

Pakistani manufacturers/assemblers have improved their products considerably over the last few years. They have also introduced the no-frost feature to stay up to date with the market and offer better competition to imported brands as well as each other. One great thing about the Pakistani market is that there is something for every income group. Below we will discuss the top 5 refrigerator brands in Pakistan. This ranking is based on factors such as durability, performance, efficiency, and after-sales service.

Gree Refrigerator

The list of the best refrigerator will always have the name Gree in it.  Gree is offering a variety of refrigerators with various options at affordable prices. Their wide range of refrigerators is readily becoming a market favorite owing to several factors such as positive customer feedback. These refrigerators are priced competitively so that a majority of households can afford them. Their top-of-the-line inverter refrigerators include the multi-door and the double-door no-frost variants. This series is the answer to imported brands which usually come with the no-frost feature, but are priced much higher than  Gree. 

The Everest Series by  Gree includes digital refrigerators which are a sight to behold. With a beautiful finish and appearance, this series has been built not just for its grace but also for performance. It is priced much lower than the imported varieties. The Denali and Nevada series have a broad price range and most of the consumers can afford them. These inverter refrigerators not only deliver performance but also save energy and therefore your electricity bill. Customer reviews regarding Gree’s after-sale service are mostly positive and  Gree has risen as one of the best refrigerators in Pakistan. Customers can avail further discounts from refrigerator sales in different Pakistani stores.

PEL Refrigerator 

PEL is one of the oldest refrigerator brands in Pakistan. They are known for their durability, high cooling, and after-sales service. PEL offers refrigerators in various sizes ranging from 8 cubic feet to 20 cubic feet. Their products are priced reasonably to appeal to more than one income segment. PEL refrigerator is a household name and has a heritage that goes back for decades. When it comes to trends in refrigerator price in Pakistan, consumers are expecting an upward trend. In this inflationary environment, pricing will play a primary role.

PEL has priced its refrigerators so competitively that its market share is expected to increase in the future. Their refrigerators have the latest designs and are equipped with the latest cooling technologies. The inverter series ensures cost efficiency and energy saving. PEL is also famous for its customer and after-sales service. PEL freezer price in Pakistan has also been kept within affordable range. Together these features make PEL one of the best refrigerators in Pakistan.

Dawlance Refrigerator

Just like PEL, Dawlance is one of the oldest Pakistani brands of electrical & household appliances. It can be categorized as one of the direct competitors of PEL and has a considerable market share. Dawlance has a broad range of refrigerators including inverters and has competitive prices. Its refrigerator prices range from Rs. 47,000/ to more than Rs.86,000 depending on the variant you choose. The price range is very much competitive compared to the room refrigerator price in Pakistan of other brands. Customer reviews are mostly positive when it comes to Dawlance, however, there have been some complaints about the durability and after-sales service. It is, however, still ranked among the top 5 brands.  When it comes to medium size fridge prices in Pakistan 2022, Dawlance will rank among the most affordable refrigerators.

Haier Refrigerator

Haier is offering a range of refrigerators for several income groups. The brand’s double door refrigerators have a capacity of up to 24 Cubic ft. and are priced close to Rs.200,000. When compared to full-size fridge prices in Pakistan, especially imported brands, this price is competitive.

However, it all comes down to what consumers can afford and Haier is very much aware of this fact. It has an entire range of inverter refrigerators starting from a capacity of 9 cubic Ft and is priced within reach of every household. Deep freezers are also available with different options and sizes. The freezer price in Pakistan 2022 is expected to be higher compared to the last season because of increased global warming and Haier has priced them perfectly for increasing their sales. 

Orient Refrigerator 

Orient is relatively new in the refrigerator market, but has performed considerably well. Their refrigerators are priced relatively low to their competitors and range from small to medium size refrigerators with capacity varying from 8 Cubic ft. to 16 Cubic ft. The 8 Cubic ft. can even become your bedroom fridge while the 16 cubic ft. variation will be sufficient for a medium sized family. The fridge price of orient ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs.70,000 depending on the variant you choose.


The best type of refrigerator for you is an inverter refrigerator. It will save your cost and also deliver performance without compromising on quality. The ultimate decision depends on affordability and durability. Among the above top brands,  Gree has performed exceptionally well in the last few years.  Gree refrigerators have received positive feedback from customers who are not only satisfied with the product but are also happy with Gree’s after-sale service. Although all refrigerators come with different warranties for different parts,  Gree has established a strong repute for both quality and service.