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Top Benefits of Electric Bicycle & How It Works in India

With the rising levels of pollution, environmental activists have time and again urged the common masses to resort to electric bicycles rather than motorbikes or cars. The reason being that electric bicycles are run on battery and emit no smoke or harmful emissions in the environment. There are a wide range of electric bicycles available in India ranging from the price of Rs. 17,000- Rs. 1,00,000. 

Features of a good electric bicycle

Amongst the large variety of options available, finding the best electric bicycle in India is difficult. But you must look at the following features to find the best fit for yourself-

  • Affordable pricing with best-in-class features
  • Pedal rechargeable battery
  • Battery power generating capacity of 35-50 volts
  • The frame of your electric bicycle should be light weight and made from aluminum
  • Choose from a Full-Power electric bicycle (runs 16–30km or 10–20 miles) or a Power-Assist electric bicycle (runs 80–145km or 50–90 miles) based on your needs. 
  • Bicycle battery price in India varies from model to model and hence the battery price contributes a lot to the overall cost and features of your cycle. Also, you will need to change the battery after a certain time and so it is best to know in detail about the same. 

Protect your bicycle and yourself

Now that we have a fair idea of what are the variations and necessary features of an electric bicycle, we must also focus on how to secure our bicycle in case of an accident or damage. Bicycles do not come with a protective cover like a car and in the overpopulated streets of the country the chances of accidents or mishaps are quite high. Therefore, to keep your cycle and yourself secure you can go for the electric cycle insurance which provides complete coverage and security against accident and damage of your bicycle.

At premiums as affordable as Rs. 899 you can get a coverage up to Rs. 25,000 and an accidental death coverage of Rs. 2,00,000. The best part of this insurance cover is that you can avail the cover worldwide. In case you lose your cycle due to burglary or theft or in case your cycle is damaged due to any unfortunate incident like riots or fire, it will all be covered under the insurance plan. With so much to offer it is a security shield that you must have to keep your heavy priced electric bicycle safe. 

Benefits of electric bicycle

The biggest benefit of owning an electric bicycle is that it is a big boon to the environment as there is no emission of harmful gases in the environment and at the same time does not cause any noise pollution. But apart from its benefit to the environment and the society, there are several personal benefits hidden for you if you buy any electric bicycle.

  1. Saves on a lot of money– With the price of petrol rising high, you can simply switch to an electric bicycle and save a lot of money. Also, the maintenance cost of an electric bicycle is way low than that of any motor vehicle which makes it an affordable option. 
  2. Great for your health– Cycling daily can help you have a fit and healthy body. It also helps in weight loss and improving muscle strength. Cycling daily to your office can save you your time that you spend in the gym otherwise. 
  3. Versatility in design and style– The present electric bicycles are not like the primitive boring ones. They come in amazing designs which mean an upgrade in your style quotient, thereby leading to a positive change in the society.