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WiFi Settings of the TPlink Deco M4 WiFi Mesh System

The TPlink Deco M4 Whole-home WiFi Mesh System is far better than the traditional wireless routers. Basically, the TP-Link mesh system has three units that seamlessly perform its work and creates a whole-home wifi mesh network for you. So that you get flawless internet connectivity throughout the house. Its unlimited wifi speed can cover 5400 square feet of area effortlessly. It has the power to reach the entire corners of the house and kill all the dead zones so that you get a breakthrough connection. Moreover, to connect to the home network does not require SSIDs or passwords. It simply uses the existing name and the password to connect to the wireless devices.

Well, the deco m4 mesh system incredibly provides fast speed to all the connected devices. It makes the device capable of connecting to at least a hundred devices at the same time. Moreover, you get advanced features to unify the tp-link network with a single network name. When you move into your house to get a good wifi speed then it automatically switches the network to provide a seamless connection. In the following article, you will learn how to set up deco m4 with some basic steps and maintain the wifi settings.

Set up Steps of the TPlink Deco M4 Whole-home WiFi Mesh System

The TPlink Deco M4 WiFi Mesh System can be completed with its deco app that is freely available on Android or iOS devices. The setup is completely spontaneous. Simply install the app on your mobile devices that will guide you through setup. Moreover, it requires one name and the same password. Also, it can be easily managed by Amazon Alexa that simply manages your home network entirely. You can monitor the activities of the internet and check the settings to make the changes to the Deco app. You can pair the tp-link deco with Alexa to control the home network with your voice command.

Prominently, download the Deco app. You can also scan the QR code that prompts the installation of the deco app from your Play Store.  After the successful installation, open the app and complete your login credentials. If you are a new user and don’t have the tp-link admin id then you have to tap on the signup and the will guide you through the rest. However, power off your modem and connect the deco m4 wifi mesh system to the modem. Turn the power on for both devices. In case, you don’t have a modem then you can use the ethernet cable that directly connects to the tp-link deco m4 mesh system.

How to change the WiFi settings of the TPlink Deco M4 WiFi Mesh System?

In the settings of the deco m4 mesh system, you are allowed to change the settings of the network name and the wifi password. However, you can create a separate network connection for the guests. Also, share internet access with your family and friends. When you access the settings of the device then you can vary the options from the main network settings. 

In which you will find the main network, network name (SSID), password, and the share option. When you tap on the guest network then you have the same options such as network name, password, and share. When you tap on the Share button of the guest network then a question will be asked from you. Which one to share from the main network or the guest network. These are the major settings that you have to maintain while configuring the tp-link deco m4 mesh system.

How to access the administrator page of the deco mesh system?

The tp-link deco m4 requires the username and the password of the admin to access the device. You will find this kind of information from the http // login address. To get a seamless connection with the router you need to connect the mesh system with it. You need to launch your preferred internet browser and then tap on the auto-detect button of your wireless router IP and wait for a minute.

Then it will show a link that redirects you to the login page. On the prompted page, you will see two text fields that ask for your username and password. After that, verify from the bottom of the router and enter the login credentials. In the end, hit enter and now you can see the control panel of the wireless router device.

Final words

In the article on the TPlink Deco M4 mesh system, you will get information about the setup steps of the device, which also explains the Deco app. You get information about the login procedure that you must follow in the proper order. Also, you can make the wifi settings that allow after the configuration. And the login into the administrator account of the tp-link mesh system. You get amazing speed when you connect the device with your home network. It has superb reviews that you can also read online. 

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