Instagram Guides to Increase Brand Engagement

Using Instagram Guides To Increase Brand Engagement: Tips and Tricks

A high Instagram engagement rate is one of the most important metrics to consider when a brand is evaluating influencers.

A high engagement rate (ER) indicates that your audience is interacting with your content genuinely and that the quality of your posts is high. Brands want to know that your sponsored content will resonate with your followers, engage a sizable portion of their audience, and motivate them to take action. This means that the more engaged your audience is, the more brand collaborations you will secure.

How Are The Rates Of Engagement Calculated?

Your ER is determined by two factors: the number of engagements on your posts and the number of followers you have. According to Instagram, the most important post engagement metrics are comments, likes, re-shares, and views. These metrics, when combined with the number of followers, determine your engagement rate.

How Do I Increase The Number Of People Who Engage With Me On Instagram?

The critical question, to which we have the answer! You can try numerous strategies, but from personal experience, here are the ten most effective ways to boost your Instagram engagement rate.

1 Create Posts In A Carousel Format

If you’re going to share a post from your in-feed, make it a carousel. It has been demonstrated that they generate a higher level of engagement than single in-feed images and videos. When all ten carousel slides are used, they generate even more engagements.

A carousel post is an excellent way to share before-and-after photos, Instagram photo dumps, and tip-based threads. Utilize these posts to share as much information and detail as possible; this encourages your audience to bookmark the post for future reference, thereby increasing your engagement.

2 Add A Face To Your Instagram Handle

If it fits your niche, you should make a point of including your face in your Instagram content. Instagram posts with a human face receive 38% more instagram likes and 32% more comments.

Individuals are individuals. Your followers want to associate an Instagram handle with a person. It feels more personal, which increases the likelihood of them engaging with your content.

3 Consider The Timing Of Your Posts.

Post during peak hours when the majority of your audience is likely to be online. The more people who see your posts, the more likely you will receive engagements. Analyze your follower analytics to determine your peak times.

Your insights inform you of the day of the week and time of day when your followers are most active. Additionally, consider the location of the majority of your audience to ensure that you post during their local hours. This will assist you in scheduling your content at the optimal time for engagement.

4 Make The Most Of Instagram’s Capabilities

When Instagram went live, they confirmed that the most successful influencers took advantage of all of the app’s features. This includes post types such as in-feed, Stories, Lives, IGTVs, and Reels.

The more frequently you use Instagram, the higher your account’s engagement rate will be. And yes, ding,   all those follower interactions boost your engagement rate significantly.

5 Make Your Captions Engaging For Your Followers

Keep your audience engaged with your post for longer by including an engaging caption. Not only will you strengthen your connection with your audience, but your caption will also encourage them to engage by encouraging them to like, share, save, and comment.

Make the first line memorable by using straightforward language, emojis, capitalization, or extra space between letters. Consider adding value by using your captions to provide mini ‘how to’ guides in the style of a blog. Include dot points to assist followers in maintaining focus. Additionally, it’s a good idea to include a question at the end of your caption to entice your followers to share their thoughts or provide an answer in the comments.

6 Utilize Pertinent And Well-Researched Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent tool for increasing your reach, exposing your content to a wider audience, and increasing your engagement rate.

Make the most of your limited number of hashtags by including only those pertinent to your content. Use stop-motion sparingly in time-lapse videos. Additionally, remember to incorporate calendar-specific hashtags such as WorldPhotographyDay and WorldSocialMediaDay. These will incorporate your content into popular social conversations, thereby increasing your engagements.

Additionally, remember to conduct research. Verify that the hashtag is trending and being used by a large number of other creatives. If members of your audience use the hashtag, this is another positive sign. Additionally, keep an eye out for the hashtags that other creators in your space use in their content.

7 Share Interactive Stories With Others

Instagram’s Story feature includes a variety of stickers that enable your audience to interact with your content directly. Utilizing these stickers weekly is one of the most effective ways to increase your engagement rate.

Polls, questions, countdowns, emoji sliders, and quiz stickers are all excellent tools for increasing audience interaction and boosting your engagement rate.

8 Add A Geotag To Your Location

Similar to hashtags, geotags will help you expand your reach, expose your content to a broader audience, and increase the engagement rate of your posts.

This is a particularly useful tool for increasing post saves. If you’re in a popular location, such as a trendy cafe or a stunning beach, tailor your geotag to that location. That way, if your followers see your post and are inspired to visit the same location, they’re more likely to bookmark it for future reference.

9 Bear In Mind The Importance Of Community Management.

We talk about this a lot, and for a good reason – it works! Your engagement will increase as a result of community management. When you make an effort to engage with your larger community, they will reciprocate. Additionally, it is critical to engage your followers within the first hour of posting, as this will affect the rate at which your other followers see your post.

Make sure to like and comment on posts from similar creators, to react to Stories, respond to your comments and direct messages, and to re-share content that is valuable to you and your audience. Sharing the love establishes a connection with your followers and contributes to the development of an engaged community.

10 Maintaining Consistency Is Critical

If your goal is to increase your engagement rate, ghosting your followers is a bad idea. When you share engaging content consistently, you increase the likelihood that your followers will see your posts, which means they’re more likely to engage with them. Ignoring your audience and abandoning them for weeks on end will cause them to unfollow your profile.

It’s critical to schedule your content and determine the exact number of posts you’d like to share each week. Keep it simple and set weekly and monthly goals that you are confident you can accomplish, given your workload.

Bear in mind that increasing your engagement rate requires time and patience. This will not occur overnight. However, the more you experiment and test different strategies, the more results you’ll notice – and the more brands you’ll attract. Oh, and don’t forget to keep track of your progress. That way, you can boast more easily about your hard work paying off!

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