cardboard boxes

Ways to customize and manufacture printed cardboard boxes:

The primary purpose of any packaging is to secure the product. In the past, if a person purchased a consequence, they evaluated its quality through its appearance. Now, to judge a product, its packaging is observed. And many companies have been using the best packaging to represent their product professionally. Other than that, packaging also provides us with convenience. We could easily carry out our product without having our problems. For example, if we were to travel abroad, we would have to carry fragile items. And these items could get affected by external pressure. But it might not happen if we use secure and sturdy packaging.

Now, packaging has received popularity due to its nature. Cardboard packaging cases are getting manufactured with fiberboard or paperboard. The sheets get pressed to form a rigid material. Which then get molded into the required shape and size.

Thornhill produced the first commercial cardboard box in 1817. Meanwhile, the creased cardboard cases were invented by Robert Gairn in 1890. The popularity of cardboard started in 1840 in France. The first purpose of packaging was to secure the product. But later on, printed cardboard boxes were getting used to increasing one’s profit and gaining customers’ interest.

The use of cardboard might be immense. But let us discuss the ways to customize and manufacture cardboard cases.

Techniques to customize cardboard packaging:

Here are some of the methods that have received popularity due to the high-quality printing. These techniques require modern technology and give the custom cardboard boxes a soft and elegant look.

● Digital printing.

● Screen printing.

● Engraving and Embossing.

● Flexography.

● Gravure.

Features custom boxes should hold:

Suitable packaging boxes always contain the best features. So let us discuss some features that you should look for in cardboard packaging boxes.


One of the astonishing features a box can hold is its lightweight. However, it becomes difficult to handle the product if a packaging box is heavy. Other than that, the sellers also have to pay the tax. And for the weight of the package before sending it off. So a heavy box can make the sellers pay much more than expected. And hence inevitably they also have to increase the product price. 


Cardboard is impermeable in a way that it can protect the product from the moisture present in the air. And these features of the box make it easy for the seller to keep the product safe. Other than that, it also keeps the product and the packaging color fresh and new.


If cardboard boxes do not get customized professionally, we can never attract customers. And hence make sure that you customize it the right way. For example, consider the logo placement and other instructions printed on the box. 

Durable and sturdy:

The chief purpose why we use packaging is to protect the product. But many boxes fail to do so. And in this case, we only suffer loss. Now, choosing the right product to sell is an easy task. The problem begins when we need to prefer the packing box. Cardboard material is durable, but it also has many types. So make sure you use the one that is suitable for your product.

Types of cardboard:

Let us discuss different types of cardboard for better understanding. Every box has varying features and gets designed for a unique product. But not many people can tell the contrast. Well, no worries, let us guide you through this process. It provides maximum protection and is also suitable for branding. It also offers flexibility and is recyclable.

Corrugated board:

This packaging material is getting used for varying reasons. Whether you want to move products to places or pack your fragile items, they are perfect for it. Many sellers also use this material for food items as it is organic and does not emit any radiation. And we could also say that corrugated cardboard is safe in every manner.  

Mat board:

Mat board is a heavy paper-based material that is thick and sturdy. This packaging material is sturdier than regular cardboard. And that is why they get used to manufacturing packaging boxes used for fragile products. For example, gift items or jewelry boxes often get manufactured with a mat board. You must have seen such boxes in your life when you received a luxury present. Or if you also went to a well-known brand, they also use such packaging material for their boxes.

Honeycomb cardboard:

This cardboard has a honeycomb-like design between the two sheets. It is a material that is sturdier than regular cardboard. Meanwhile, the honeycomb structure gives it strength and makes it last longer. And hence it proves to be effective for shipping products around the globe. You must have seen such boxes around as they are commonly used. An amazing fact about these boxes is that less packaging material is used to manufacture them. Meanwhile, they also get manufactured with recycled material, and hence they’re 100% organic. 

Grey paperboard:

Grey paperboard is a recycled material that gets manufactured by recycling fibers. And we compress them to form a sheet of paperboard. The paperboard then again gets molded into a suitable shape and size. As this material is recycled, it is 100% organic. And they bring a positive change to the environment and our business.

Organic packaging:

Sellers know how much organic packaging can affect their image in the market. And hence people are taking advantage of it. These days sellers solely display a video ad to attract their customers. And one thing that they emphasize is how their packaging is organic.

Now get yourself cardboard boxes wholesale from the right packaging company. And Launch your product with confidence.