Allscripts EMR

What Allscripts EMR Have in Store For You?

Are you interested in learning all the amazing aspects of Allscripts EMR? If that’s the case, this article is your go-to. Here, you will get to know its features, benefits above all customer reviews. But to have a clear overview of this product, you should avail yourself of the opportunity of requesting a free demo.  

Allscripts EMR Software: 

Allscripts is an open cloud-based platform that has been up and running since 1981. With over 30 years of experience, it focuses on the healthcare issues faced by small to mid-sized practices. Headquartered in Chicago, around 2200 hospitals and 140000 plus physicians widely use its services to connect more than 18 million patients.  

As time passed, Allscripts turned down the table by transitioning from a primary e-prescribing service provider to a forward-looking entity featuring EHR, prescription management, financial management, and population health management solutions. It also offers two different EHR platforms, and both provide customizable features and intuitive dashboards.  

It aims to enhance clinical focus by offering core services geared towards patient care and routine administrative chores instead of focusing on one aspect. In doing so, it streamlines administrative tasks by assistance practitioners with e-prescription, data entry, etc., to smoothen workflows.  

Coming up is the exciting part; keep reading to learn what exactly it holds for you. 

Distinct Offerings of Allscripts EMR 

Unlike other EHR service providers, this exclusive vendor offers one-in-a-kind tools for you to improve your clinical workflow by providing a separate and complete solution for all your needs. It offers services for everything ranging from patient portals to population health management, practice management, and patient health records.  


Equipped with first-rate features, FollowMyHealth is a one-in-a-kind patient portal offered by this EMR vendor. This mobile-first solution covers the entire spectrum of patient engagement by letting patients play a proactive role in care management. The real-time data accessibility of this ambulatory solution promotes healthcare by enabling patients to manage their information using the patient portal actively. Also, it allows them to schedule appointments and pay bills, which eventually improves patient satisfaction levels.  

dbMotion Solution

dbMotion is the world’s top-notch population health management solution that spans the continuum of care. This value-based feature of Allscripts EHR will help you reform your delivery system with its extensive interoperability feature. It works by harmonizing clinical data across the network to come up with patient-relevant information in a usable format that will minimize risk factors during patient treatment. It will save you from the hassle of moving from tab to tab to get a clear picture of your patient’s condition to make well-informed decisions. 

Allscripts Opal 

Opal is a succinct digital health record system that helps speed up clinical processes. It enables medical professionals to have utmost visibility to the patient’s journey, which allows a better understanding of the patient’s case leading to an accurate diagnosis. Its built-in record management tool offers scanning capability, document management and also provides a clinical overview. Using this tool, you can generate a single patient database to use across the network. Adding to it, you can benefit from Opal Enterprise Content Management to digitize paper records comprehensively. 

Sunrise EMR 

Experience next-level care delivery using Sunrise EMR, an EMR designed with a patient-centric approach and is second to none. Physicians’ sole purpose is to boost their clinical outcomes by providing patients with the best facilities and care. You can accomplish this goal with Allscripts EMR software. By bundling with business intelligence, this forward-looking EMR encompasses innovative tools and solutions that automate workflows and documentation, streamlines financial management tasks, and offer one-click access to all tools and features.   

Practice Management (APM) 

APM is a robust solution driven by the goal of maximizing the operational and financial performance of clinics. This tool will help you prosper with its highly flexible and customizable solutions. Moreover, you will have your patient data stored at a centralized account. It will streamline your payment procedures, increase reimbursements, check insurance eligibility, and will let you monitor patient accounts. Adding to it, if you see the Allscripts demo, you can see it offers dynamic reporting tools to measure practice’s performance.  

User Reviews Overview 

According to our experts, reading product reviews from different sites is something you should do for sure. Reviews display the real face of a product as users share their perspective about product quality, its features to show if it is actually what it claims to be or not.  

Allscripts Review: 

After looking at various customer reviews, we deduced that clients like it for its ease of use and customizability. For users, it is a cost-effective solution that acts as an all-in-one package. For documentation processing, it offers voice and text recognition tools that save time by booting effectiveness. Allscripts reviews portray it as a fantastic EHR service provider packed with informative care guidelines. 

From the perspective of the critique, it locks clients by undertaking long-term contractual obligations. Users usually complain about this bounding fact because of prolonged contracts. Other than that, there are no considerable flaws that can’t be dealt with. 

Pricing Structure of Allscripts 

Allscripts EHR doesn’t offer pricing plans on its official website. But you can request a quote by pressing the pricing button on its page. This vendor offers transparent pricing details with no hidden costs by direct contact with the company.  

If you are not sure whether to invest in it or not, you can get a free demo to gain a practical insight into its features. This will help you understand whether the platform meets your expectations catering to your personalized needs. But one major drawback of Allscripts EMR cost is, it doesn’t offer a free trial.  

Final Verdict  

After reading this compelling piece, you must have decided to shift to this vendor, but if you are still confused because of its pricing plan, check out its list of features and services that override the price tsunami. Of course, everything comes with a price, so compare its features with other vendors and decide which one is better for your practice.