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What Are The Benefits OF Web Scraping Tools?

Benefits Of Web Scraping Tools

Web scraping is a technique that includes many benefits for those who don’t want to waste time in finding prospects’ details manually. There are some main advantages of web scraping tools that have made this method so popular among various individuals and industries:

Automation (Get Rid Of Copy Paste Work)

The first and most important benefit of web scraping is that you can extract data from different websites with only a few clicks. Data can be collected manually by copy-pasting, but it is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Imagine that someone would have to copy and paste emails, phone numbers, or other data every day — what a time-consuming process! Luckily, web scraping tools make the process of data extraction and collection simple and quick.


Data extraction by hand is an expensive task that requires a big team for that task. While by using only one data scraping tool, you can get more data than a team on a daily basis.

The different data providing services provided data for different industries and charged for every industry individually. But by using a web data scraper, you can get data for any industry and country daily.

Easy To Use

When you are using a web scraper, you don’t need to worry about how to use a web scraper. Because every company provides video tutorials and customer support for their users. Furthermore, a web crawler doesn’t require any coding skills to use. You just enter your keywords a web scrape will find all the data for your given keywords and then you extract and save data in CSV, Excel, or Text files for later use.


Another advantage of using web harvesting tools is that you can get data 100 times faster than humans. Imagine you hire a staff of 50 employees for scraping, but a web scraper can collect more data than 50 employees in a day.

Data Accuracy

Web scraping tools not only provide data at the fastest speed but are also accurate. There are 90% chances of errors when you are copy-pasting data from websites. But a data extractor finds and collects data only which it finds on a website.

What Are The Best Web Scraping Tools That Benefits Businesses?

There are many such tools for data extraction and collection available on the internet, so it could be tricky to pick the right one. Therefore, we have rounded up the top four data mining tools so that you can pick the right one according to your requirements.

1. Google Map Extractor

Google Maps Scraper is a reliable and fast software that extracts business data from Google Maps. Google Maps Listing Scraper will scrape business email, phone number, ratings, reviews, opening hours, and much more from a business listing.


  • Allow users to scrape data from Google Maps for targeted location and business by zip code and business name respectively.
  • Contain multiple features like email extraction from Google Maps, phone number extraction from Google Maps, etc.
  • Save data in various formats such Excel, CSV, Text, etc.
  • Scrape data from 1000-1200 business listings in a day.
  • You can schedule your scraping task according to your needs.

   2. Top Lead Extractor

Is the best web scraping software for those who need data for different marketing campaigns. Because it can scrape emails, phone numbers, and social media links from websites, search engines, and local files.


  • It is automated thus can be used by a non-technical person.
  • Desktop application
  • Extract emails, phone numbers, as well as Skype Id, and messenger id from websites.
  • Support CSV, Excel, and Text formats for downloading data.
  • Find emails and phone numbers for any industry and industry by category, country code, and mobile company code.

 3. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

Cute Web Phone Number Scraper provides data for telemarketing, SMS marketing, text marketing, and mobile marketing. In other words, it extracts phone numbers from websites, search engines, and local files.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Search for phone numbers by name, zip codes, mobile company codes, and website URLs.
  • It can extract telephone numbers, fax numbers, mobile numbers, and WhatsApp numbers from a website.
  • Save data in CSV, Excel, and Text files.
  • No coding – Affordable

4. Cute Web Email Extractor

Cute Web Email Scraper provides email lists of customers and businesses for email marketing to approach them to sell products and services. In other words, it is a very helpful tool for those who want to promote their businesses through email marketing.


  • Used keywords, URLs, and zip codes to find and extract emails.
  • Accommodates CSV, Excel, and Text formats
  • Uses Chrome browser
  • Point and click interface
  • Beneficial for freelancers, businesses, and marketers.

Final Words:

With these web scraping tools, you will experience fast and reliable speed when extracting data. Choose the best web crawling tool from this material if, for you, your business, or the business you work for, web scraping tools are advantageous or not.