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What are the possibilities of Sapphire Rod

Resistance power

Sapphire rods are useful material in high-temperature application with no change of shape and dimension for an extremely high softening point on 2000degree c. It has been chemically inert and resistant for attacking most processing environments like alkaline temperature till -1000degree C. Some single crystal sapphires have a high content of thermal conductivity, volume resistivity, and wear resistance with high upper use temperature. The energy gap has been large, and sapphire is transparent material having useful transmission for wavelength within the range of 0.2 to 5.5 microns. It is stronger than glass and could be used as viewing windows in high pressure and vacuum applications. Sapphire tubes are a superior alternative to quartz, alumina, and silicon carbide within semiconductor processing applications. Sapphire tubes are utilized in various analytical gadgets in lamp packages that transmit seen, infrared or ultraviolet mild, regularly with high depth at excessive temperatures and pressures. Hard oxide crystal is along with excessive power and chemical resistance at high temperatures. It also capabilities a wide transmission wavelength variety, top-notch electrical insulation, and precise thermal conductivity at low temperatures. These tubes and rods could be provided with a grown, fine ground, and polished surface as per application needs.

Sapphire is a merge of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) single crystal with one of the hardest materials. Good transmission within visible and near-infrared, chemical resistance with thermal stability is usually an optical window within the harsh environment. Sapphire windows or rods found a variety of use for broadband continuum generation pumped through femtosecond laser. The rod is chemically inert and immune to attacking most processing environments like Acid and Alkaline at less than 1,000 °C temperature. It is bio-inert and has the correct material for bio-engineering, dental and medical bone implants. The sapphire rod has been suitable in rod bearing software because of its strong wear and abrasion resistance. Some companies provide a complete range for meeting various packages consisting of Ram pump, plunger rod, laser ranger, laser insulator,, and measuring rods.


The custom shapes of rods have end flat and give up radius where each radius, saddle pins, and unique shapes per customer need. Sapphire tubes are quality high-stress boxes and shipping plumbing for lots of high-pressure systems. A sapphire tube can manage excessive pressures while allowing for secure remark and spectral analysis of fluids and gasses. Sapphire tubes can be used in hostile environments to touchy residence sensors, protecting the sensors in opposition to strain and mechanical abuse. A sapphire rod is an appropriate fabric for pyrometry, transmitting a huge variety of wavelengths. This makes sapphire rods the best product for decent area temperature profiling with abilities to measure up to 2000C on one quit of the rod while the alternative is at room temperature. Sapphire rods are best for rollers and standoffs in excessive temperature furnace structures. Sapphire rods stay immediately and dimensionally “best” up to 1800C. Due to sapphire’s excessive chemical resistance, many substances will no longer keep on with sapphire, notwithstanding high temperatures. Because of incredible chemical resistance for the rods at high temperatures, a sapphire tube has been an identical choice in plasma chambers and sapphire application. A sapphire rod could be made of all surfaces polished for optical and put on programs or with all surfaces satisfactory grind (un-polished) to serve as an insulator. Sapphire Rods are available in several outer diameters and lengths. The excessive hardness of sapphire and the ability to supply the material without dopants in a transparent single crystal form lets in the formation of “sapphire” that is obvious to mild over a wide variety of wavelengths. Sapphire is appealing as a substrate cloth as it could be produced in incredibly big dimensions, is inert, and might work at excessive temperatures. Hot caustic salt could etch sapphire rod and tube both. All other solvents, acid and caustic, have no impact on sapphire, including molten metal. Fused silica will degrade over time at temperatures almost half of the maximum working temperature of sapphire.

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