negotiation skills training

What is negotiation skills and why it is important

Negotiation refers to the discussion that two or more individuals have in order to reach a conclusion that satisfies everybody. In our daily lives, there are plenty of situations where we don’t agree on certain things with people around us. In such situations, not completing the work or not getting the task done is not a feasible option. Hence, we try and negotiate on the terms and reach a point that is agreeable to every individual.

Therefore, negotiation skill is the ability to assess different opinions in any situation and come to an affable solution. This is a must-have skill in the present time where people have strong opinions and mind-set. They have their thought process and does not believe in following an unreasonable command. Now, even if you are in a position of power, you have to be reasonable with the directives you give to your juniors. You can be questioned at any point in time and you are expected to justify the decisions you make. Not everybody might agree to it but your negotiation skills must be strong enough to bring each one on the same page. To develop this, you can look for centers that impart negotiation skills training in Dubai.

Negotiation skills are an integral part of soft skills and every individual should possess them. This is a basic skill that we need almost every day in our life. For this, some institutes offer negotiation skills training in Dubai. It can be needed in household situations, marketplaces, or a corporate place. Talking about markets and personal spaces, you often face situations where you do not agree on certain terms and you try to work out different aspects that are acceptable by both ends. Similarly, in a corporate space, you come across various conflicting situations. It is obvious as there are different-minded people each having a different perspective. In order to ensure the smooth working of an organization, teamwork and coordination are important. This can be maintained with the good negotiation skills of the managers and company head.

Talking about professional negotiation skills training in Dubai, there are different types of negotiation that you might be expected to do in a corporate. Some of them are:

  • Every day negotiations

These are the negotiations that you do on a daily basis. While working towards a common goal with several other individuals, it is important to work as a team with proper communication. There are instances in a day when you will have to negotiate on things concerning work with your colleagues or seniors. This is a healthy practice that ensures optimum work results.

  • Junior-senior negotiations

While you are working under a senior person, there are times when you get assigned tasks that you dislike or are incapable of doing it. In such situations, you are supposed to negotiate with your senior that you get other tasks that suit you best. This practice will save your time and work quality as well. Similarly, if you are a senior and you need certain tasks to be done you can always negotiate with your juniors and convince them to get the task done for you.

  • HR-employee negotiations

This is a vital situation where strong negotiation skills are needed. As an HR of the company, you are expected to maintain the company clauses and address employee grievances at the same time. For example, there are situations when an employee demands a hike that the company doesn’t agree to. It is HR’s job to convince the employee to a point where both the employee as well as the company agree. This is a very common situation that arises in a corporate and it is the responsibility of HR to settle things using the best negotiation skills.

  • Business negotiations

As an employee in the accounts or sales/purchase department, you are supposed to excel in negotiation skills. Whatever field an organization operates in, there’s always a sales/purchase department that is the face of the organization. When they step into the market, they are expected to fetch business that brings profit for the company. To make a commercial deal, an individual must have strong negotiation skills.

Whether it is for personal or professional purposes, negotiation skills are essential. You can always come out of a conflict situation by ensuring the best for yourself if you have strong negotiation skills.