Liver transplants in India

What is the success rate of liver transplant in India?

The liver is highly significant for providing nearly 500 functions in our body. That is why it is unimaginably painful to think of surviving without it. But imagine what happens if the liver fails to function successfully in the body? Well, in that case, your body could become a house full of diseases. As such, a liver transplant will become inevitable to acquire.

This article will learn about the success rate of liver transplants in India and other details that will help you. Read this until the end for relevant information.

What Is Liver Transplant?

A liver transplant is a surgical method of treating the liver by removing the diseased liver and replacing it with a healthy one. This healthy liver can come from a deceased person to a donor. Although there are some risks associated with a liver transplant, people who opt for the surgery from the best hospitals and surgeons are highly unlikely to undergo any issue at all. That is why we focus on acquiring medical care from none other than Max hospital in India. Their doctors are efficient and provide the best liver transplant in India without any worries.

Success Rate Of Liver Transplants In India

Liver transplants are highly successful treatments. Studies show that out of 100 liver transplants, nearly 95 of them are successful. However, if there is a risk of life by 3 to 5%, it may be because of a complex procedure. A survival rate of 65 to 70% is also possible to witness. That is why you need to rely on the best doctors for liver transplants in India. If you are wondering how that is possible, make sure you read this article for more information.

Liver Transplant Statistics in India

Each year nearly 20 to 25 people per million obtain a liver transplant in need. In India alone, nearly 2 Lakh people pass away due to liver problems, and only 50,000 to 80,000 people are fortunate enough to obtain a liver transplant. If you look at the statistics from around the globe, nearly 25,000 liver transplants are conducted each year. However, in India, the rate is quite low but is significantly rising. The main reason for the low growth is the unavailability of donors and the high costs associated with the same. As such, people who cannot afford it eventually succumb to death.

The Bottom Line

A liver transplant is a significant surgery that needs to be conducted on time when in need. That is why there is a requirement of highly qualified staff who can make this happen on time. However, keep in mind that the surgery is pretty expensive. So, it is best to get your hands on the most cost-effective prices and a standout surgeon for help. So, why keep waiting? Get your hands on them now before it is too late.