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What Should You Think about and Ask before You Pick a Vehicle Oil?

You Think about and Ask before You Pick a Vehicle Oil

Everyone knows that there is proper usage of oil in the machines, tools and vehicle engines. But it does not mean that you would randomly pick the oil for your machines or vehicle. You need to be thoughtful about what you choose and how it is going to get you best outcome.

Once you are thoughtful about what you seek you can even get the best passenger car oil in south Africa and ensure that your vehicle works in the best possible manner because of the perfect oil. After all, car engine or vehicle oils can get confusing. There are literally manifold number of questions on engine oils. What sort of engine oil is the right one for your car? Can you switch from the manufacture recommended engine oil for your vehicle? What are the different types of grades of car engine oil? Why is your car being low on engine oil always? Come on, there are endless questions but this post would get you a few answers right away.

Types of engine oils you should know about 

Though you are actually selecting an engine oil for your car, you must definitely know about the two wide categories of oils namely mineral oils as well as synthetic oils.

Mineral Engine Oil

Talking about mineral oils, they are made from petroleum products and are actually preferred for older models of vehicles. The mineral oil possesses low oxidation stability because of which it needs frequent changes. Mineral oil is inexpensive than its counterparts. Not really the best quality.

Synthetic Engine Oil

Speaking of synthetic oil, it is made by blending different types of synthetic components. These are the oils that are apt for high-performance vehicles. The oil change duration is longer with type of synthetic oils for both diesel and petrol engines. The point is these synthetic engine oil offers the best protection for present day Indian driving conditions. Thought the final decision about your vehicle oil is always yours.

Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

Now, talking about this oil, the semi-synthetic oils get you the finest of both worlds. The quality of synthetic oils as well as the good price of mineral oils. You know what, performance and protection are kind of subjective to the car make as well as model

When should you change your vehicle engine oil?

Well, the engine of a car differs from brand to brand. In some instances, the driving conditions even play a big role in finalizing the period of when you alter your car engine oil. Taking into consideration, the present-day Indian driving conditions and the road conditions. It can definitely be said that the the driving conditions are quite different from nations like the USA or even some European nations. Traffic, a lot of stop and go, potholes, and so on. Puts much stress on the engine.

You know most of the engine oil experts recommend that you should change your car’s oil at the seven, five hundred kms-10,000 kms mark that is the right spot. In case you make use of a mineral-based lubricant then you can adhere to the five thousand kms to five thousand five hundred kms mark.


So, since you know much about the oils and their usages and how often you should change them; now talk to car engine oil manufacturer in south Africa and get yourself a perfect oil!