Why Customers Like Custom Retail Displays?

Custom displays always add something valuable to your shopping experience…be it the ease with which you shopped or the range of products you found available at the store. Impressive retail displays make your shopping experience better and super exciting. Customers also find it easier to locate the products that they require.

For product manufacturers too, good retail and countertop displays come with added benefits. A good customised display can actually excite your customers so much that you would spot your products vanishing from the shelves. Any product it may be, dresses, jewellery, or even bakery products, display your products in such a way that shoppers become inquisitive to learn more and buy the products.

What is A Point-Of-Purchase Display?

Point-of-Purchase or POP displays are marketing elements that are placed in the point-of-purchase areas. The displays can range from shelves, glass display cases, floor units to signages. Specialised POP displays can also be made from corrugated cardboard that can be tweaked easily as required. They are easy to print, cut, and assemble.

The Types of POP Displays

There are various POP displays, in varied shapes and sizes that will suit your needs.

Floor Displays: These include freestanding units like the shelves and corrugated cardboard bins. These displays can be easily customised according to your requirements.

Inline Displays: These displays are designed to fit in on a retail shelf and are just perfect to display and promote smaller products like candies, chocolates, lip balms, etc. These make people indulge in impulsive buying and trying new products.

Display Bins: These, as the name suggests, are large containers that help customers to grab and go. These are affordable and help retailers to sell their products faster.

Endcap Displays: These types of displays are situated at the end of aisles, and may consist of retail signages and inline or floor displays. These are ideal to increase visibility and promote new products.

Counter Displays: Probably the most popular and easily identifiable are these smaller units that are found on the checkout counters that encourage impulsive buys.

Pallet Displays: These are sturdy enough to contain a large number of products or heavier products on display.

Sidekick Display: Last but not least is this display, which is also known as Power wing. This display is capable of holding add-on items that act as space-saving solutions at the checkout areas.

How Beneficial are These Custom Retail Displays?

  • Choose a design that will help you stand out.
  • Use your brand logo, colours, and text to increase brand awareness.
  • For a high-quality product, convey well to increase sales.
  • Grab attention towards your new products.
  • Convey your customers about the benefits of your product.
  • Promote impulse buys and advertise your products within budget.

Why are Customers Interested in Retail Displays?

Shopping is fun for most of us, and it works as an excuse to go out and shop for various products. The displays add visuals to the store as well as the products, making the shopping experience enriching.

The Other Reasons Include:

  • These glass display cabinets can be fun and lift the shoppers’ moods.
  • These welcome buyers to interact with a particular product and learn more about the brand out of inquisitiveness.
  • These draw attention towards discounts and impulsive buys that the customers might miss otherwise.
  • They help buyers to connect with a brand and try out new products.
  • These are convenient and make the shopping experience ever more pleasurable.

All in all, it is just so hard to picturise a store without retail displays and glass display cases, and these indeed make our shopping experiences so much better!

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