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Why is the Color of the Wedding Gown always White?

A wedding is a joyful occasion, but it also requires a lot of event planning as well as a good investment. Hence, if you want to make your wedding memorable, you should fulfill the prerequisites of a wedding event, and a bridal dress is one of these.

Most of the time, a bride has already chosen her bridal dress style, design, color shade, and even imagined the picture of wearing it. However, most of the bridal wedding dresses UK are made in the shade of white or ivory. But have you ever wondered about the mystery behind that white gown color?

Is it always the Color White?

Well, you always considered the white color for your wedding, but you will be surprised to know the history behind this color. In ancient times of America, the girls who were going to get married didn’t make a special costume for their special event. Rather they wore their finest Sunday dress. It was not only in white color; rather, it was the best gown that they had with them.

In the Middle Ages, weddings were supposed to make a bond between two families. It was considered as a political union rather of being a romantic event. At that time, the gown usually depicts the bride’s social status and is made of different lush fabrics and colors.

On the other hand, if a girl didn’t belong to a high-status family, she wore the best simple dress at her wedding. The traditional white bridal wedding dresses UK started with Queen Victoria in 1840, and she made a white gown for her auspicious event ever since it’s become a trend.

How Does It Pass-through Generations?

The white gown is occasionally new, and rather it passes from mothers to their daughters due to the tradition. Although it’s not a strict tradition, it may represent the continuity of history. However, nowadays, brides like to wear custom-made bridal dresses at their special events.

Sometimes, it takes more than 12 months in the adjustments that they desire for their wedding dresses. This idealogy seems more practical as there might be many physical changes in the new generation. Their body sizes might have changed over the same generations.

But the good thing about this tradition is that the old wedding dresses if preserved well for the coming generations, might prove to be a fortune as the exact style is no longer available in the market and no one can replicate it. That’s why a bride cab gives off a vintage look in such a dress.

Moreover, to your surprise, these wedding dresses are made of multiple layers of material that can make that dress warm. That’s why most people prefer to set their wedding in winter.


Wedding gowns are made in a way to give a prestigious look to the bride. Hence, it takes a lot of effort and time to make such a masterpiece. As it is not only a dress but contains a lot of memories inside it. So, choose your designer wisely while deciding on a wedding dress.