Winning Strategies for One’s Cricket Fantasy League

It (ipl) is a very famous and executive Twenty20 league for cricket in India, founded by the cricket board of India, which is famous as BCCI and inaugurated by the Supreme Court of India on 18 April 2007 with 8 teams. The cricket league’s market share was affected when regular-season matches clashed with the 2008 Beijing Olympics; however, it recovered during the 2009 Champions Trophy due to high ratings. The IPL has seen auction records broken four times at all its auctions since its inception. It made ₹3,853.75 crore (US$606 million) from 2014 to 2018 compared to ₹1,942.1 crores (US$300 million) from 2010 to 2013. Total viewership in India has also broken records, with 828.1 million in 2018 compared to 455.8 million in the year 2017.

 IPL Fantasy League:

The ipl cricket fantasy league games are for enjoying the game, not for money or anything else. So it is mostly free of cost. However, some websites offer players opportunities to win cash prizes—these websites charge a minimal fee ranging from ₹5-20 per month.

Essential tips for the fantasy league:

1) Always check the weather forecast for one’s selected match prior to tossing as there might be rain interruption resulting in cut-over. If one opts for “Rain Rule,” it can be a significant advantage as your selected players can bat or bowl (if they are part of playing XI) according to the new situation without losing points.

2) Always choose players with good current form and matches batting at the top position will give them more chances of winning Man-of-the-Match award which again boosts their points.

3) Always pick few most economical bowlers (economy rate not more than 7.50 per over), if available in both team, because most likely they will get a chance to bowl most overs i.e. 8 out of 10 overs in each innings, thus most likely they will get wickets too throughout the match; however keep this tip in mind that too many economical bowlers will lead to less chance of victory which affects their points.

4) As a captain, always pick the batsman who scores or delivers big and as a vice captain, choose an efficient wicket-keeper because batting at top positions always helps them earn extra bonus points.

5) Always pick a player from a team that is strong on paper i..e. having players like AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli etc. because they are set to play for an entire season, however teams like Delhi Daredevils (DD), Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), the kolkata knight riders (KKR) & the mumbai indians (MI) are somewhat strong in all departments of play and also their start players are equally good in all departments, so their stars will always get chance to score points using their extra talent and skills.

6) Always select the batsman/bowler/wicketkeeper who is playing at his home ground. The reason behind this is that he is sure to score big there.

7) Never waste your money on under-performing batters/bowlers; they can let one down anytime; if possible, always try to invest a little more on top performers only.

8) Try not to go for too many Indians in one’s team. They mostly become victims of teams’ rotation policy, which leads them to lose one match out of three throughout the season for some reason or other, which reduces their chances of earning valuable points.

9) Do not choose a team with a majority of bowlers in line-up as they end up with zero or negative scores most of the time.

10) Do not waste one’s player allocation money on “All-Rounders” because you end up with a very average score from them throughout the season. However this does not mean that there are no stars amongst “All-Rounders.” Always invest wisely.

11) Try to secure total points by balancing between batting and bowling departments rather than investing all one’s funds only in one department, e.g., if they choose the top three batsman, then choose two excellent bowlers so that they can earn extra points for wicket keeping etc.

12) Do not spend all your funds at once, try to secure most scores every week so that one can at least maintain their rank among the top 3 or top 10 to get entry into the prize pool.

The bowler who will always pick wickets and affect the match by giving very few runs, not by taking huge hauls of wickets. However, he may take a few excellent catches behind the stumps, which also boosts his points.

13) Do not choose a bowler from a side that has two or three other foreign bowlers in line-up because they mostly become victims of rotation policy of teams which leads them to lose one match out of three throughout the season due to some reason or other which reduces their chances of earning valuable points.

15) Lastly try to buy new players for your team every week so that one can make some profits out of them throughout the season (season starts on 8th March). Always check the weather forecast before selecting player because some matches are fixed to be played at night due to bad light conditions or rain; therefore check if your selected player is likely to play or not playing in such worst condition before buying him for their team.

16) Remember that players who are not playing will go up in price after every match, so try to hold the ones they think may play or tend to perform well throughout the season.

17) Always pay close attention to squads of each and every side because some teams like DD, RCB, SRH, etc. have very strong line-up that changes with every game due to some injury or other reason, so keep a tab on these players too.

fantasy league is a game in which you have to combine your knowledge, gut feeling and investment skills for scoring big points.

18) Finally the vital part of fantasy cricket is that don’tinvest all one’s money on just one player because it can get you nothing but zero scores if he does not perform even if it’s a very good game, therefore try to select three to four players who are likely to score/deliver big throughout the season from each team.

So, these were some tips that surely help one win money in ipl money earning app or fantasy league.