Women’s Gothic Outfits and It’s Evolution

The trend of gothic subculture in the UK started a few decades back with the practice of wearing black and other dark-coloured clothes, and not following the rules of the society. Women’s gothic clothing were popular and women started following either the styles of Gothic Rock or the Victorian women. Gothic fashion loves anything and everything dark or black.

Some of the features of gothic dressing are:

  • Dark-coloured/black Gothic outfits
  • Black or dark hair with colourful streaks
  • Pale base makeup and dark eyes
  • Dark lips and nails
  • Gothic accessories
  • Tattoos
  • Body piercings
  • Corsets, bodices, fishnets, gloves, lacy, leather and velvet outfits

How alternative clothing evolved

Like other things around us, gothic fashion too evolved with ages. It started in the 1970s, got popular in the 1980s and continues to be so.

Alternative clothing in the 1970s were all about dark clothes with other add-on elements. Ruffled gothic blouse with skirts or trousers and classic women’s gothic dresses are still a popular choice. Graphic printed black tees are also a simple and easy addition to a gothic wardrobe.

Many subcultures have evolved, became popular and vanished with time but some still survive. Every year on Halloween, people are seen dressed in various types of Gothic subculture with all sorts of clothing, accessories, hats and makeup.

If you are a first-time, you can buy or rent these from a store:

  • Black/dark clothing
  • Tight Leather pants
  • Ripped trousers
  • A Gothic cape or cloak
  • Bodice/corset
  • Graphic printed tees
  • Boots of different heights
  • Fishnet Tights
  • Chokers, necklaces, wristlets, pewter rings and septum rings
  • Piercings
  • Tattoos
  • Fake blood
  • Scary accessories

Do research and have your makeup on point and attend a Halloween party. If you like and want to follow the subculture, give the infographic a read.

women’s gothic dresses

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