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4 Types Of Video Marketing Techniques Contractors Can Prefer

Videos add life to businesses. If you find your business is going dull and boring and you want to add something exciting to it, nothing can be better than your brand videos. Adding a video to your channel and sharing it with the audience on social networks can create engagement and draw more potential clients to the doorstep. 

Video marketing for home contractors can be performed in several ways. From live video creation to adding clippings of your customer testimonials, you can market your business with several visual contents. This makes the brand more creative and builds a competitive edge in the market place.

Here are a few demanding ways you can market a video.

4 Types of video marketing techniques for contractors

1. Live videos:

Live videos are in trend! Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all top social media platforms offer live streaming. You can choose any one of them and create a live video to connect with your followers in real-time.
 Live videos create brand credibility and showcase brand behavior towards the audience. By connecting with your clients and followers you can solve their queries and keep them updated with the new offers and added services. Viewers find such videos authentic and thus they take no time to rely on the brand.

Live videos are a great way of investment. Share your message and keep connected.

2. Tutorial videos:

Even your followers want to learn and gain knowledge about constructing products, home management, and other topics related to your contracting business. The best way to do this is by creating educational videos.
In such videos, you can talk about how to manage buildings, how to find the best contractor, different aspects to consider, DIY tips, and so on. The video should be short and compact so that any viewer watching the video reach a conclusion without having any further query.
This is another way of video marketing. It helps to cultivate new leads and generating a high volume of traffic to the website.

3. Time-Lapse videos:

This is an interesting new feature that you can use to present a process related video. For example, you are presenting a renovation process that requires a good time. This feature allows you to frame the process in a super cool way.
 You can start with a slow-moving construction process followed by an installation technique and much more. In this way, you can focus on your talented professionals, how they work, what techniques they use, and what challenges they encounter. Time-lapse videos are the perfect way of designing the entire process and engage a huge audience.  

4. Testimonial videos:

Contractors are highly dependent on their clients. The more friendly the business is, the better is the achievement of a contractor. Believe it or not? Now, to make others understand the credibility of your services and to gain trust, it is essential to bring light to the reviews made by your customers.

Turn the reviews into video clippings and share them with your audience. This highlights the services and customer behavior towards your venture.


Video is a great way to display your business to the audience. In this growing marketing landscape, where every marketer is evolving day and night with some new ideas, video marketing techniques will make your day. 

According to the latest survey, a huge percentage of online users prefer watching videos on social media in comparison with other content. Hence, this turns out to be a boon for marketers at every step.

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