Choosing between Various Haircutting Scissors – Top 5 choices

In a world full of new and innovative hairdressing shear designs, you might be thinking about how exactly one decides which shear is perfect for long-term use?

Well, this is precisely the motive we had in mind before coming across Ninja Scissors. At Ninja Scissors, every single hairdressing shear is an absolute masterpiece. That’s why we are here today discussing the five all-time best Ninja Scissors hairdressing shears you should try.

What should you look for in a hair-cutting scissor?

That’s an excellent question. So much good that we decided to put the same question in front of the Ninja Scissors expert shear designers. According to them, determining whether a shear is perfect for you or not is dependent on three factors.

  • First, the handle design of the shear.
  • Second, the steel quality that is used to manufacture the blade. The quality steel blade is what you must have in your preferred shears.
  • Third, whether or not the scissor has a precision adjustable screw included within the blade set up or not.

DRAGON Scissor

Among the all-time popular Ninja Scissors manufactured shears, not a single shear has surpassed the popularity of Dragon scissors yet. The etching alone on the handle of the shear is something that will be going to race your heart with excitement.

With a forged 440C Japanese stainless steel Hamaguri convex razor edge blade, the DRAGON scissor is known for offering an exceptional hair cutting ratio for around 15-20 years on average. For a ball bearing adjustable screw, this is quite an unprecedented working duration.


Yes, the list of top 5 all-time best Ninja Scissors manufactured shears also contains a thinner. And the thinner that we are talking about is no ordinary thinker. We are talking about the signature BARBER KING thinner itself. The 7 inches long blade is like a signature property for the BARBER KING thinner.

The thinner contains a 50-tooth blade orientation which generates a hair cutting ratio of up to 20-25%. With an ergonomic handle, this hair cutting ratio is more than enough for you to deal with even the most frenzy hair types. Plus, the polished look is going to take the class game of your hairdressing shears set to another level.


You can’t imagine the awe and craze Ninja Scissors DYNAMIC scissor could bag for itself when it was first introduced. It was like something totally out of a science fiction movie. The innovation included in this shear alone is out of this world.

One look, that’s all it takes to differentiate the DYNAMIC from other popular Ninja Scissors hairdressing shears. The ergonomic 360 degrees orbital swivel handle ensures that the blood circulation through the finger joints and veins remains fully streamlined.

CROCODILE Texturizer

Without including the CROCODILE texturizer, how can we select the top 5 all-time best Ninja Scissors hairdressing shears? You can bet about the popularity of this particular texturizer because even Ninja Scissors is manufacturing multiple upgraded models of this specific texturizer.

The CROCODILE texturizer is designed as a last resort against some of the thickest hair types you will ever face as a hairdresser. The texturizer comes with a 14-tooth blade generating around 35-40% of the cut ratio. In other words, a single stroke of the CROCODILE texturizer will be enough for you to get rid of most of the unwanted hair.

KATANA Scissor

Last but not least, we have got the masterpiece of the whole Ninja Scissors hairdressing scissors fleet. The legendary KATANA itself. In ancient Japan, the term ‘Katana’ refers to a single-edged sword used by the Japanese Samurai clan.

Naming one of their hairdressing shears, KATANA was an effort made by Ninja Scissors to honor its fellow ancient Japanese warrior clan. Just like its name, the Hitachi ATS314 Japanese cobalt steel creating a 3D Hamaguri convex razor edge is something that has a class of its own. Plus, the unique matte-finished black color scheme takes you back to the era when Samurai were regarded as the ultimate war machine.