Five Great Reasons to Consider Temporary Fence Panels

Over the last few decades, there has been an exponential increase in development decisions. This has led to more construction sites co-existing within the public and residential areas, businesses, and educational institutions. This has not just made construction business owners liable for prioritizing the safety of the members of the public but also more vulnerable themselves to security issues in regards to their equipment and materials. One of the most-effective ways to ensure the protection of both the public and the site is by installing temporary fence panels. Here is a round-up of benefits that this sectioning brings in making the construction site a safe and stress-free zone:

Safeguarding lives

Construction work zones are spaces that have uneven terrain, large pieces of machinery, scaffolding, and potential environmental contaminants. This makes them rife for risks, especially for unauthorized and unprotected public visitors. These risks increase manifolds in disaster-prone areas or during bad weather. Securing your premise with correctly installed grade quality goes a long way in avoiding dangerous situations. Made with heavy-duty frames and all-weather standing powder coated material, the anti-climb fence panels from Battle Field Supply are sturdy and stable and make your premise air-tight. This helps prevent life-threatening situations like falls and electrocution.

Liability management

Installing a temporary fence around your construction site helps safeguard the lives of your employees and other construction workers who are working on your site. By barricading your site, you automatically adhere to the mandatory guidelines of the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines and become a business that focuses on reducing occupational hazards. This keeps the insurance claims and medical bills against your business to a minimum should an untoward incident occur. In the long run, this mitigates your expenses and protects your reputation. 


One of the most important benefits of temporary fences for construction sites is that they are extremely versatile. This is not just in terms of their variety but also how easily they can be repurposed to suit your changing needs. We offer fence panels in 4’, 6’, and 8’ height options that cover almost all construction site needs. These fence panels also solve a variety of solutions. Their sturdiness doesn’t take away their flexibility and makes them usable as a parameter fencing solution, stacked up fences, and corner bracing. And when your temporary construction fencing requirements change, the same fence panels can be used to mark driveways and delimit spaces where dangerous machinery or chemicals are stored. When not in use, they can be rolled up and stored easily.


Temporary security fence panels are a great option for businesses that want to invest smartly in a better solution. They don’t warrant heavy expenditure and pressure on your finances like a permanent fence. Construction fence rental also allows you to flexibly switch to new fences if they get damaged or worn off after long use. Temporary fencing can be easily installed and dismantled depending on your needs. At Battle Field Supply, we offer competitive construction fence rentals in convenient daily, weekly, or monthly options. This allows you to rent equipment either for a day or for the entire duration of the project. Temporary construction fencing also doesn’t leave you bound with an unwanted asset after your project gets completed. We also offer manpower to help you relocate or dismantle your fences. 

Material and asset protection

Having temporary construction fencing is the only solution to fix security issues at your site. Most sites store huge amounts of expensive machinery, equipment, and material that are always at risk of theft or vandalism. This leads to unnecessary work stoppages and costly project delays. Having a secured fence allows you peace of mind that your assets are safe by limiting trespassers. When used to streamline driveways, they also help in keeping a check on pilferage during the loading and unloading of materials.

Now that we know that these temporary security fence panels are important visual and physical barriers critical for the success of your project, businesses that are serious about security need to look for quality products from credible companies like Battlefieldsupply. We have more than 2 decades of experience and resources for serving projects of all scales and sizes. Our fencing solutions are versatile and simple to install. Our outstanding and courteous customer relations and servicing teams ensure that we work in sync with all your business requirements. You get in-time free quotes, 24-hour fence panel delivery, and complete service support right from setup to dismantling and clean-up.