Northern Lights Feminized Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

The Northern Lights strain, from which the feminised cannabis seeds were generated, was grown as 11 distinct plants, three of which were declared the best of the best. Northern Lights Growers Choice auto-flowering variety was created by combining these selection varieties with the DNA of the ruderalis cannabis species. With the inclusion of this compact, stocky breed, Northern Lights auto-flowering has the capacity to autonomously transition from the vegetative to blooming stage without requiring any changes in light hours.

Northern Lights Strain at its Finest

Northern Lights Auto-flowering is an indica-central strain with resinous purple flowers and dark green leaves that has a spicy and sweet flavour. Thanks to the plant’s little amount of sativa, you’ll likely experience a mellow euphoria leading to a blissful calm in addition to the all-over relaxation produced by the strain’s 80 percent indica make-up.

Northern Lights cannabis seeds, an outstanding medicinal strain that provides consumers with a delightful, full-body high, are frequently chosen for use in medical marijuana testing; the auto-flowering variety gives the same benefits wanted by medical practitioners. Northern Lights is recommended for muscle relaxation and the relief of chronic and acute aches and pains, including migraines; it can also help you shut off your brain, reducing sleeplessness, and soothing away the aftereffects of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Northern Lights, like many cannabis strains, stimulates hunger and is frequently sought after by persons undergoing chemotherapy or battling with eating issues.

Yield of Northern Lights Strain

Another reason Northern Lights Auto-Flowering cananbis seeds remain popular is the ease with which the plants can be produced. Northern Lights seeds, like other auto-flowering strains, perform best when germinated and grown in an indoor, hydroponic setting, with or without soil. Gardeners can expect to harvest a moderate amount of blooms (up to 500 grams per square metre) in roughly 8 weeks, based on an average flowering duration of 50 to 60 days.

Taste, scent, and the effect of autoflowering northern lights

Northern Lights Automatic has a gentle flavour and fragrance that is light and sweet, unlike most of today’s stronger strains that are in your face with both their taste and scent. Some even claim you can’t smell her at all, and if you do, she doesn’t have that distinct weed aroma.

Northern Lights Autoflowering is fairly quick acting when smoked or vaped, but at 14 percent THC on average, she’s far from the most potent weed available. Milder Indica stones, on the other hand, have their time and place. This smoke takes the edge off for beginning or light smokers with a comfortable, full-body stone that feels like a warm, friendly hug, yet frequent users with high tolerance levels may be able to enjoy northern lights autoflower Auto as their wake-and-bake strain or as a functioning daytime smoke. Almost no one ever gets full-blown couchlock.

The medical marijuana community has welcomed Northern Lights Autoflowering wholeheartedly. This strain has the ability to reduce pain, release joints, and treat muscular spasms. She’s also fantastic for reducing tension and anxiety, as well as relieving the agony of migraines and headaches.

A modest amount of Thai Sativa has been blended into a couple Northern Lights Autoflowering. These strains have a slightly lighter stone with a subtle mood rise from a mild euphoric touch. After adjusting to the effects, most patients discover that this strain is a very useful and functional therapy approach for a wide range of diseases.