HME billing

Reduce Your HME Billing Burnout with One Simple Solution

According to a recent report more than half which is 53% of healthcare systems use at least 4 separate or different data sources to manage RCM operations. Furthermore effectively managing HME billing operations today is really a challenge especially when staff burnout is one of the major concerns especially in light of the pandemic.
In fact, though the world is getting back to the new normal, there are many healthcare practices, providers etc who are still struggling with the feeling of exhaustion and burnout. This is why Sunknowledge brings you with an exclusive and comprehensive medical billing solution for all your ambulance, DME, prosthetics, urgent care DME billing and also for 28 other specialties; reducing the stress.

Sunknowledge a powerhouse for seamless HME billing approach:

Eliminating all the extra shifts, training costs of billers and coders Sunknowledge experts not only save you from wasting your cash but also give you time to focus on patient management and care. Taking care of your complete pre and post billing services, we aim to reduce the workload of your employees while reducing your overall operational cost.
Minimizing your claim denials and other RCM related hang-ups, our experts offer timely claims submission and are always up to date with billing regulations; reducing the error number in your billing operation.

With 100s of excellent industry references, we have eradicated pain points associated with revenue cycle management for many leading names in the industry.

In fact, the benefits of partnering with Sunknowledge for your HME billing operation are:

  • Helping you with a streamlined platform where you can manage a better patient experiences at a cost effective rate.
  • Reduce tedious and menial work and reduce the burnout and the operational rate by 80% while ensuring the highest collection rate
  • Allow staff to concentrate on organizational goals and patient care and not on billing operations.

So, if you are looking for expertise, operational excellence, and a billing approach that helps you improve your financial standard call us right now. We deliver customized RCM solutions specific to your needs that will work best for your practice.