Suddenlink Email Settings Android and Outlook

Wherever you’re located geographically, having a functioning email account and fast internet can ensure that your message gets to the right people in a matter of seconds. While sending email through and is a breeze to do however, there are a variety of mail service companies that operate all over the world. One of these emails hosting websites is SuddenLink. SuddenLink email is among the services offered through SuddenLink Communications it is an American Telecommunications company that is a subsidiary that is part of Alice USA. The company is focused in cable television as well as broadband phone, high-speed internet home security, and advertising. If you’re a SuddenLink user and are looking for email settings on Android then you’ve landed on the right place. We are aware that smartphones make life easier for users which are why we have provided the steps to setup the SuddenLink mail account on Android in a simple manner. The process of setting up an SuddenLink mail on Android isn’t difficult at all simply pay attention, follow the directions and follow the steps step by step.

How To Setup Up Suddenlink Email On Android

Follow these simple steps step-by-step to set up SuddenLink email settings for Android:

  1. To begin setting up SuddenLink email for Android Click to open the Android Home screen, then sign in using the help of a password or fingerprint or Face ID to access the menu.
  2. When you are on your Android phone, search for an Mail and Gmail application, and then tap it. The email settings for Outlook and mobile may differ depending on the phone’s model and version the phone and the operating system.
  3. If you are using your Mail or Gmail application, if you are connected to another email account, open the menu from the top 3 line
  4. Tap on the Settings menu and then click Add Account.
  5. In this section, you’ll be presented with the list of websites hosting email. However, because SuddenLink email for Android isn’t a default option, choose the alternative.
  6. You will be required to input you email address. Input the black box with the correct data and then click the manual setup button.
  7. Then, you can go into the POP accounts settings.
  8. On the Incoming server settings screen, enter your User Name. This is your exact SuddenLink email address. You’ll be required to enter the Password also.
    • Note: If you can remember your password, proceed with the right password. However, in case you are unable to remember your password, then you are not able to proceed by using the email settings on Android. The only method of setting the SuddenLink mail on Android for those who’ve lost your password would be to reset their password through the host’s website. Visit You will be taken to a webpage, where you’ll be asked whether you want to answer a security question or the passcode you received from your mobile number that you registered or an alternative email address.
    • When you’re done with the process of resetting your password ensure you keep the new password in your hand, and restart with SuddenLink’s SuddenLink account settings for the email servers Android configuration.
  9. In your POP server settings you can type ‘’
  10. Make the security Type to None, leaving the SSL option left unchecked.
  11. In the Port for Incoming Servers write 110, then Click Next.
  12. It is now time to change your SuddenLink email settings on the Android Outgoing server settings screen so that you can deliver uninterrupted emails.
  13. Go to the SMTP server and type ‘’.
  14. Its Outgoing Server Port will be set at 25.
  15. Make sure the Security Type is set to none, with the SSL option left unchecked.
  16. Then, click next and choose the frequency of checking your email according to your preferences. The application is designed for SuddenLink mail on Android prefers to have it set to check every 15 minutes.
  17. Then, you can give your account a name to allow you to switch between different accounts on your device. Click on the Done option to finish the configuration of SuddenLink mail settings available for Android.

Thank you, Android email when your has been created in your Android device. Follow these simple 17 steps to create an SuddenLink mail to Android in just a few minutes. Now that you are aware of how to create email for Android enjoy emailing and if you want to cancel noggin