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Sunknowledge as your DME Medical Billing Services Solution

Medical billing services are a complicated area that requires knowledge and complete attention and with Sunknowledge Services Inc you get it all. Over the last decade or more, Sunknowledge experts have not only provided an exceptional customized solution catering to all medical billing services to more than 28 specialties but also assist in a faster reimbursement rate for many leading names in the industry.

With a complete understanding of industry mandates, payers requirements and claims adjudication priorities, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is known for its productivity metrics. Delivering cutting edge support that transforms collections for the best in no time, we further eliminate all your operational costing. Saving you tons of money, time and resources, our experts further exclude all the unnecessary biller and coders wages, software installation and its training fee etc that you end up spending on your in-house billers.

Without compromising on the quality standard, we support every provider in closing their medical billing services gaps both faster and efficiently with improved ROI. Taking care of aging AR as old as three years, Sunknowledge Services Inc leaves no cash on the table. Answering your requirement of customized reporting, we ensure consent before any write – off. Reducing 80 % of the cost of your operation, we save you from losing out cash for better management. Furthermore, taking your complete medical billing pre and post activities responsibilities, we have served many of our clients to focus on other important work like patient care which has proven to be effective and better for the practice.

In fact, today being part of the largest and the best RCM solution gives you the added advantage of excellent client references around. So if you are worried about losing your cash due to problems in your medical billing services for your DME, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the one stop destination. Fishing for more information on what benefits we can offer for your medical billing service for DME get in touch with our experts over a no commitment call, we are just a call away !

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