Black Friday 2021

Tips To Update Ecommerce Website For Black Friday, 2021

Everyone loves discounts and deals that save their money. More than 90% of people go shopping on specific sale days. For eCommerce merchants, Black Friday 2021 will be a great time to improve sales and attract new customers while putting in place existing customers who stay engaged.

Stores that are not prepared for this event will suffer a massive loss, including a reduction in customer loyalty and potential revenue. Black Friday, one of the most beautiful shopping days of the year and the beginning of Christmas shopping, is November 26th.

Black Friday is the main component of Black Week that is known as Cyber Week. You need to update your site for Black Friday sales, and for this purpose, you can visit YourDigiLab.They have the best strategies for you.

Best Tips to Update Ecommerce Website For Black Friday 2021

Here I have good news for you, and that is I am going to give you pro tips which prepare your E-commerce website for black Friday 2021:

Payment Methods:

The more payment choices you have, the more likely you are to appeal to a wider audience. The more convenient it is for people to pay you, the more money you will receive.

Did you know that 12% of internet customers canceled their last purchase because they couldn’t pay the way they wanted?

  • PayPal: PayPal is a global online payment service that allows customers to make payments and money transfers over the Internet; It is widely regarded as an industry leader in online and mobile payments.
  • Swish: Swish is one of the fastest-growing payment methods in Sweden and the preferred online payment method for people between the age of 18 and 40.
  • Klarna: Online businesses and businesses increased their gross revenue by 46 percent to $56 billion in 2020 thanks to Klarna, a Swedish payment and shopping service for e-commerce websites.
  • Stripe: If you already have a physical store, you can add a Stripe POS system to your eCommerce store in addition to the payment gateway.

Prepare Your Site:

As consumers start planning deals as early as October, retailers should get in touch with their customers, throughout the year so that shoppers are more receptive to their discounts by Black Friday 2021.

In addition, merchants need to plan months for this shopping season by creating a checklist that includes the following questions:

  • For which products should we offer discounts?
  • What is the price range for each item?
  • When will we offer discounts/offers, and how long will they be available?
  • How and where do we disclose our agreements?
  • Which platforms are used to distribute content to promote our offers?

Check Your Site Speed:

For busy consumers who don’t want to waste time waiting for their favorite eCommerce sites to load, the holiday season can be a tough time. A slow website undermines your reputation with customers and compromises your loyalty.

Google has a free tool that allows you to evaluate the speed of your website and ensure that it will perform optimally. Simply enter the URL of your website, and the tool will analyze the performance and give you instant results.

Cart Abandonment:

The week leading up to Black Friday is the perfect time to adjust your cart abandonment email and SMS remarketing plan. Shoppers abandon carts for a variety of reasons, but having the right tools to remind them of their purchase can help you quickly recoup revenue.

Set Your Emails:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales still rely heavily on email. The higher the revenue per recipient, the more segmented and targeted your emails are. You’ll also see an increase in open and click rates, which will help you establish a positive sender reputation.

Thomas presents ten email segments that you can use to boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales:

  • Seasonal Buyers
  • Newly introduced artists
  • VIP clientele
  • Product search engines
  • Buyers by category
  • Has not made a purchase (but is committed) Ignorers of Email
  • Buyers about to make a purchase
  • Geographical objectives
  • Gift givers
  • Tune Your Online Store:

According to statistics, while Black Friday sees an increase in visits to real businesses. It has been primarily an internet event, with around 61% choosing to shop online.

On Black Friday, a lot of things can go wrong for an online store. For example, a slow-loading website or a payment process riddled with problems. The bottom line is that Black Friday will bring an increase in traffic to your site. Which will almost certainly lead to disaster.


Now you know all the tactics that are going to much helpful for you to grab more orders user experience. Go and get ready your eCommerce website for Black Friday.

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