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Why is Hardwood Flooring the Best Investment?

Hardwood floors are exquisitely beautiful, give your home warm vibes, and last a lifetime with proper care. They also give you a great return on investment when you get down to selling your home.

Though the return of investment on your property depends on several other factors such as the location and size of your property, hardwood floors remain the biggest draw as confirmed by realtors in Calgary. When you are looking for ways to add value to your home, you might want to consider adding hardwood floors in at least some rooms. Read also about:parquet flooring Dubai

Here is why they are a smart investment and how you should use them to add up considerably to the sale price of your house:

The RoI itself

As realtors say, and we agree, most new homebuyers ask for hardwood floors, especially in the dining and living rooms. If we go by the trends, the average returns for hardware flooring installing vary between 70-80 percent, of course depending on the layout of the flooring, location, and other specific details. When this installation is executed correctly, it can add almost up to 2.5 percent to your sale price. And when these are newly installed hardwood floors, they can up your asking price by as much as 5 percent. Surveys say that almost 54 percent of home buyers are willing to pay more for a house with this flooring option.

It’s all About Perceptions

Hardwood flooring has been used for centuries and lends a superbly classy character to a home. Hardwood also signifies timelessness. That’s precisely why buyers love it. It makes people living in that home appear sophisticated and distinguished. Not many people associate these emotions with other types of flooring such as vinyl and laminate and consider hardwood to be the real deal. 

Not all Hardwoods are the Same

There are several different kinds of hardwood floors, each with its unique features, design elements and different returns on investment. Exotic varieties such as rusty-hued heart pine, white ash, and black cherry though require a higher initial investment, they invariably lead to higher value being added to your home. This RoI reaches almost 90-100 percent when these expensive materials are used. Other traditional varieties such as stained red oak, maple, walnut, ash, beech, and birth add almost 60-70 percent of your initial investment. Besides this, the installation method also adds up. For instance, choosing parquet flooring will improve your RoI most definitely. At our Home Floor Store in Calgary, we offer a variety of designs and wood options that you can choose from. 

It’s durable

One of the major factors that ups the RoI that hardwood floors bring in is their durability. They literally last for a lifetime without you having to spend much on their maintenance and upkeep. Even in the chilly Calgary weather, you don’t need to invest in expensive carpeting to keep the flooring warm. That’s another cost saved. This also helps people who suffer from allergies as they don’t need to bear the dust and mites that live inside carpets. 

Easy maintenance

Hardwood floors aren’t just cool and upscale, but they are fairly easy to clean and maintain if cared for well. Ageing of these woods is never a problem, in fact, it just adds to its aesthetics. Quality hardwoods never break or grow moulds. And there is never a problem with hardwood floors that cannot be sorted with a bit of polishing or gentle scrubbing. 


Hardwood floors have less expensive alternatives such as faux hardwood floors or engineered floors that give the same appearance as the real thing. Despite there being a huge cost difference between the price and installation cost of the two, faux hardwood is designed to handle more wear and tear. So, investing in faux wood will also help increase the asking value of your house and pay off down the line.

Hardwood floors contribute to the asking value of your house only if they are in a good shape. Even if you have hardwood floors, they won’t bolster the resale price since the buyer will have to add up the cost of replacing them. It also helps to add other ‘appealing’ upgrades to your home to increase its resale value such as bathroom and kitchen renovations and room upgrades to match your hardwood flooring. Our Home Floor store in Calgary offers the best quality hardwood designs and options for you to add that extra special touch to your home.