Amazon product photography

Amazon Product Photography Tips and Tricks

When selling on Amazon, your product will do as good as the photographs are. Amazon product photography is so important that several businesses outsource their photography and editing needs to some professional.

However, you can do it yourself as well. You can use your photography skills along with some pro tips to create great images that will help showcase your products better on Amazon. That way, buyers will be more attracted to your product thus helping your business grow.

Keeping that in mind, we have outlined some product photography tips and tricks to help you click the best photographs for your business.

Photo Size

The minimum size of Amazon photos is 1000px. So, you must keep your photos between 1000px and 2000px. If you keep your photo size above 2000px, it will only increase the load time which is not good news for your business. If your product comes with small parts that customers need to take a closer look at, they can use the zoom feature on Amazon. So, you don’t need to increase the photo size.

If your product photo is above 2000px, Amazon will automatically crop your image and that could lead to awkward photos. On the other hand, keeping your picture size too small may lead to customer dissatisfaction when they find your product and the photo you have put up on Amazon differs.

Positioning Your Product

Amazon product display window comes with a square frame. So, you need to keep that in mind when taking your product photos. Even if you have taken photos with proper photo size, then also you’ll probably need to crop your photos a little bit to fit into the square frame.

In fact, Amazon itself crops photos to fit into their square frame. So, you’ll do good if you keep that in mind. However, do not make your photo space look crowded, but make proper utilization of the photo space. You can always take multiple photos of your products to furnish your customer with details.

Main Image

You will provide multiple photos for your product but always remember your main image is the one that the customers are going to see first. So, you’ll have to make that the most eye-catching of all. Your main image should therefore be of the highest quality that will convince a customer to click on your product and not some other.  To make the most of your main image make it well-defined and free from padding borders, which will help in displaying your product image most clearly.

Photo Quality

The quality of your product must be nothing less than excellent to compel buyers to click on your product. However, it can be a bit difficult if you are not well acquainted with photographing products.

Having said that, you can use some tricks and tips to enhance the quality of your photo. One way to do that is by taking high-definition photos so that the product is clearly seen.

Along with that, you must also keep in mind that proper lighting is extremely important. Poor lighting and cluttered backgrounds will not help at all. Poor lighting can produce shadows and it can also change the color of your image than what it is in reality.

So, make sure you take photos in well-lit rooms. You can make use of studio lighting that works best in clicking high-quality product photos. However, natural light too can work wonders in creating a high-quality photo.

Photo Stability

Shaky shots are another way to ruin your product image. Depending on the camera you are using, any movement while taking the photo may result in blurry are grainy photographs. To avoid this you either have to have your hands super steady or you can invest in a tripod to make certain that your camera remains steady and you click clear and blur-free images.

Take Multiple Shots

While photographing, do not just take a single shot from an angle but take multiple ones. Take several shots from multiple angles so that you can choose from a full gallery later on.

These are some tips and tricks to consider for Amazon product photography. Product photos are something that will immediately attract a buyer. So, you must be very careful while putting up product photos on Amazon. The tips provided here will surely help in taking high-quality photos which will, in turn, boost your online sales.