Stir up the Social Media World with a Clubhouse Clone App

The creator is in control of their revenue now. Multimedia content is slowly taking a backseat now. Wonder why? The rise of Clubhouse is the reason. Alpha Exploration Co. came out with the drop-in audio chat platform in April 2020. People started discussing topics via their voices. What was the mode of communication? Users started joining rooms for sharing thoughts and interacting directly with celebrities and influencers. Entrepreneurs can also make a dramatic entry into the social media space with a Clubhouse clone.

Decoding the significance of a Clubhouse Clone App 

Talk, listen, and learn is the right way to describe the functioning of a Clubhouse clone platform. The pre-built voice-based social network contains features identical to Clubhouse. Besides that, users have numerous communication options. They can enter rooms after checking the Hallway section. 

Moreover, netizens have different communication options. They can listen to podcasts, tap the Backchannel option for sending and receiving messages from individuals and groups. 

Besides that, they can participate in events too. Users can check the Upcoming Events section, view the names of hosts, participate in engaging conversations, ask questions to popular personalities and enhance their intellect. 

Moreover, a Clubhouse clone gives maximum flexibility for techpreneurs. You can add brand elements like images, logos, slogans, taglines, themes etc. This ensures personalization while building a voice-based social network. 

The core features of a Clubhouse like Platform are? 

  • Host a Room button – Users can start different rooms like Open, Social, and Closed according to their requirements. They can mention the topic to be discussed, add a list of speakers, and the date and time of starting. 

How to get more traffic? Creators of a room can share the room link across instant messaging apps and social media networks. This will encourage cybersurfers across the globe to be a part of engaging discussions. 

  • Fill in Bio – Users and creators can create an attractive profile on the Clubhouse clone. They can add photos, sync their email addresses and social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter, and join different clubs.

What kind of information can they edit in their bio? Netizens can edit their lists of interests and passions anytime and also share their profiles with the entire universe. 

  • Search panel – Users can tap this panel to discover engrossing content. Moreover, they can enter names of events, people, clubs, rooms, and interesting topics. They will receive results about profiles. 

Cyber surfers can check out the number of followers for the personality, people they follow, their personal and professional achievements, the social media links, the person who nominated them, the members of different clubs, and the joining date.  

  • Replays – Recording audio content is quite easy now. Creators have full freedom to switch on or off the feature in public rooms. Accordingly, users can record the last few seconds of a live discussion and save it on their devices. 

Further, members can listen to the conversations anytime. They can also switch from one speaker to another, play back the recorded content, and also increase the speed by 1 or 2 times. 

  • Help Centre – Celebrities, content creators, influencers, as well as users can sort out their problems swiftly. They can solve issues related to login issues, data protection, sharing of messages, privacy, processing of peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, security measures etc. A trained support team will respond to the queries via email, live chat, phone etc. 
  • Pinned Links – Moderators will exercise more power on a Clubhouse like platform. They can attach pinned links to the top of rooms and share real-time updates with listeners. Besides that, users can play games and tournaments, influencers can attract sponsors, creators can share merchandise and also sell tickets for different events. 

Eventually, creators will get a higher number of followers. How is this possible? They can embed links to newsletters and podcasts in their rooms. 

Performing artists can encourage their admirers to read and listen to the content. Eventually, this will encourage mere followers to become premium subscribers.

  • Payment gateways – Creators can monetize their content effortlessly on a Clubhouse like platform. They can organize events, sessions, and shows and get adequate income. 

Artists can sync their Stripe wallets, conduct a live audio discussion, and receive the payment. The revenue depends on the number of tickets they sell and the level of engagement.

Besides that, you can offer monthly stipends to creators and train them to produce high-quality content with the right equipment. Consequently, creators will become popular in no time. Hence, they can turn into influencers for national and international brands and emerge as a force in the Internet era. 

  • Spatial Audio – Users can listen to conversations in a crystal-clear manner. They can head over to the Settings dashboard and switch on the Spatial audio. Each speaker is assigned a specific position and the audio is distributed equally around a room. 

What is the technology behind it? Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) will ensure that the voice is distributed across all directions. Therefore, listeners will hear the sound systematically across all directions when they sit in a room. 

Uniformity is ensured as the audio clarity is the same for numerous sounds like (anguish, disgust, happiness, laughter, sadness etc.)

What is the cost of creating an app like Clubhouse? 

Different aspects play a role while developing the Clubhouse like platform. The total expenditure depends on various factors like 

  • Nature of basic and premium functionalities. 
  • Time taken to create Android and iOS apps. 
  • Rates paid out to the mobile app developers and website designers. 
  • The type of tech stack (programming languages and frameworks) used. 

Besides that, an app development company will offer several post-launch services. You can utilize expert solutions like the addition of new features, legal compliance, organizing online marketing campaigns, the inclusion of payment gateways and the upgradation of security measures.

Wrapping Up

Importantly, Clubhouse has come a long way from an invite-only platform to a general release. According to Paul Davison, the co-founder of Clubhouse, the number of listeners in a room has increased from 5000 to 8000. 

Moreover, it will go up to 10,000 and 15000 in the coming months. Therefore, this allows content creators to convert rooms into streaming sessions and eventually they can receive revenue directly from their fans.  

Are you that entrepreneur looking for a breakthrough in the social media space? Hence, disclose your vision to an app development company, create a Clubhouse like platform and strike big in the Internet era. 

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